From day one using Roli’s Blocks and NOISE app I’ve wanted them to add overdubbing to the app. Today they have, and I am really happy about this. They’ve given me an early Christmas present and something I’m going to enjoy trying out over the holidays. I’d really like to start getting more creative with NOISE and using it to make complete pieces. Now I think that’s going to be much easier. Overdubbing is the start. But that’s not all, they’ve added even more in version 3.1 too.

Here’s everything that’s new in the app:

  • Overdubbing (the feature that I’ve been hoping for all along) — You can now build up beats and harmonies by overdubbing over an existing recorded loop. Just hit the record button again to start building up layers on a clip
  • Cue and Record Loop Length — Go to the new settings page in the song view to adjust both the Cue Length (the timing clips can be launched) and the Record length (the global length any new clips will record for)
  • Ableton Link — Also in the new settings page you can enable Link to sync with other apps
  • Ableton Live Export — Now easier to share and export audio loops from your projects, as well as exporting Ableton Live Sets direct from NOISE

Additional fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug where recorded clips (most noticeably on Groove Kits) played back incorrectly the first time around
  • iPhone X support
  • Smoothed Tempo Changes and now accurately show tempo
  • Click is now enabled when first recording
  • Reduced memory spikes when loading SWAM sounds
  • Fixed issue with 5D settings not updating correctly
  • Fixed crash when exporting a project with multiple SWAM instruments
  • Fixed bug where Undo button undoes multiple clips
  • Now support brighter Lightpad Block displays introduced in latest firmware (please make sure to update your firmware to make the most of this!)

Roli’s NOISE app is free on the App Store with IAPs for content packs

And, as a festive treat Roli have made a special Christmas content pack!

  • Pretty happy for you. Still hoping that ROLI can add my own pet features in Noise. The main one would be MIDI in. But one which would really change things for me is if they extended the AUv3 support to the SWAM Engine sounds. It’s really nice that they’ve made Equator sounds available as AU. But the SWAM Engine sounds would be a dream come true, for me, if they were playable with one of my wind controllers. Got a Lightpad Block and could create little snippets of well-articulated instrumental sounds using that. But it’s nothing like simply playing a controller meant for breath control. The video accompanying the saxophones soundpack makes the problem quite audible: ROLI is too keyboard-focused to help non-keyboardists in a deep way. Sounds harsh, but there’s something to this.

    • Phil Kadidlo

      Enkerli, I had actually encouraged ROLI to add a breath controller module to their lineup of Block devices. It would add yet another control parameter to the gestures that would bring better control to saxes and other natural sounds. Guess all we can do is wait and see if they see the potential here.