A Tasty Pixel is a particular developer of note having delivered the somewhat famous Loopy and Loopy HD apps, and also being the developer behind a rather substantial proportion of Audiobus too. Whilst many of us (myself included to a degree) were expecting the next app from A Tasty Pixel to be Loopy Masterpiece, instead we have Samplebot. I’m not complaining. In fact I’m rather pleased. I have been playing with Samplebot for a while in beta and having a lot of fun with it. It’s very straightforward and very immediate, two qualities I am always looking for in an app. Samplebot certainly has both. You can be up and running and making something with it in seconds. It is intuitive and fun, so what more could you want?

Here’s what Tasty Pixel has to say about it:

Samplebot is a collector of sounds. It’s a crafter of songs. It’s a finger-drummable looping sequencer of rainbow glory, and it wants to be your friend. Come. Play. Robo-boogie.

– Record or import samples, then play them back on beautiful, sproingy rainbow pads!
– Then record or input arrangements using the sequencer, featuring built-in drum patterns, loop record and playback, quantization and copy/paste
– Trim samples, and adjust volume and balance for the perfect mix
– Share your creations to Facebook, or export them to other music apps
– Comprehensive MIDI control with velocity, for play using a grid controller like the Launchpad
– Helpful and fun-loving intro tutorial

Samplebot is available on the app store now for $2.99, which is a 50% off launch price:

  • ooby

    i bought this app and i kinda regret it. won’t even let me import samples for some reason, and doesn’t work with Audiobus 2.

    • viridisvir

      I suspect there’ll be a lot of features added in the future. At least I hope so.

      Pros: not a lot of bells and whistles to distract
      Cons: not a lot of bells and whistles to distract


      But seriously, adding features (at the very minimum sample pitch & rate controls, ACP/import, and some kind of FX would be nice) will definitely improve this.

      Also: it’s very easy for finger drumming to be mistaken for a swipe [which opens the delete/edit controls]. That definitely needs tightening up.