Percussa micro super signal processor

It’s only fair to say that SunVox is probably one of the most versatile apps for making music around. In fact, just calling it an ‘app’ is pretty limiting. This runs on just about every platform going, including older versions for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. I know I probably say this every time I mention SunVox, but it is worth saying in my opinion.

Pretty much every new SunVox release is big, irrespective of its point number, this one being 1.9.4. However, alongside this release we’re also getting something quite new from the world of SunVox, a new javascript web player that brings generative works in Sunvox to your browser.

  • user files are now available through the Files app;
  • partial USB/Bluetooth keyboard support (no key release, no Home/End, no F1/F2/…);
  • improved iPhone X display support;
  • sound engine optimization;
  • indicating the modules whose controllers are tied to the MIDI;
  • additional slider for scrolling the controllers when there is not enough space on the screen;
  • spectrogram has been added to the to the spectrum analyzer;
  • detailed settings of the spectrum analyzer are now available through the main menu -> Preferences -> Modules;
  • Amplifier: new controller “Gain” for high amplification (x100, x1000 and higher);
  • Analog Generator: new option “True zero attack/release” – turn it on when you need a very fast (instantaneous) zero attack or/and release;
  • Analog Generator: new waveforms: “noise with spline interpolation (sampler)”, “white noise”, “pink noise”, “red noise”, “blue noise”, “violet noise”, “grey noise”;
  • Compressor: new mode “peak zero latency” for compression/limiting without delay; modes “peak” and “RMS” operate with a delay of 1 ms;
  • Distortion: new types: “foldback2”, “foldback3”, “overflow”;
  • GPIO: max number of pins is increased to 256;
  • LFO: new waveform “random interpolated” (same as random (5), but with a smoother transition between the signal levels);
  • DrumSynth: three additional panning controllers for the bass, hihat and snare;
  • Kicker and DrumSynth: panning controller can now be set locally (for each note separately);
  • Kicker: “Boost” (old name – “Vol.addition”) controller works again after it was accidentally broken in SunVox 1.6 🙂 (base SunVox version in the project properties must be 1.9.4 or higher);
  • MultiCtl: new controllers “Response” and “Sample rate” to smoothly change the output value; response=1000 – immediate change; response<1000 – smooth change; optimal sample rate = 150Hz, please avoid higher values without the urgent need;
  • Timeline: new function “set restart position” – use it to change the position which the project should restart from after the project end;
  • pattern effect 03 (slide to note): default speed value (XXYY) is 256 (100 in hex);
  • new pattern effect 24: take a note from line XXYY on the same track; if the note to the left of the effect is specified, it will be used as the transposition value (relative to C5: c5 – one semitone higher, C4 – one octave lower, etc.); if the module number is missing, then the module number from line XXYY will be used;
  • new pattern effect 25: take a random note from the range of lines XX..YY (inclusive) on the same track;
  • new pattern effect 26: take a note from track XXYY on the same line;
  • new pattern effect 27: take a random note from the range of tracks XX..YY (inclusive) on the same line;
  • new pattern effect 28: take a note from line XXYY on track 0;
  • new pattern effect 29: take a random note from the range of lines XX..YY (inclusive) on track 0; see example “pat effect 29 random note from trk0”;
  • module remapping: “pattern” button has been added;
  • dialog window shortcuts: Y or ENTER = first button on the left; N = second button; ESC = cancel; 1…9 = buttons from left to right;
  • if you enter the file name “exporttest” when exporting to WAV, the SunVox engine speed test will be performed (without saving to disk);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + N – new project;
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + F10 – play from the pattern cursor;
  • new instruments: keyboard/NR SuperSaw (lo-fi), analog11, analog12, pads/analog_distorted2, wind/NR Sax;
  • new instruments and effects from other users (see the instruments and effects folders);
  • new simple examples: idm, pat effect 29 random note from trk0;
  • various small changes and improvements;
  • updated version of SunVox library for developers;
  • bug fixes

Sunvox for iOS is available on the app store for just $5.99

To find Sunvox for other platforms click here