It’s good to be the deadmau5. In what feels like the love child of MTV Cribs and a Gearslutz dream, this video looks at the artist’s toys.

Where to begin? Dolby Atmos mastering in a home studio (the only such facility outside Dolby). A massive, massive Doepfer-centered Eurorack – big enough to fill a wall. Vintage Roland keyboards. A custom gaming room, with cases tailored to match his cars – and 4K streaming. And the networked mouse head, of course.

For extra bragging rights, some of those keyboards he got on the cheap – smart.

Oh yeah, and a giant Tim Horton’s sign, but that isn’t really a CDM thing.

Actually probably the most interesting bit here is the motion capture / visualization stuff.

Get ready for one excited Canadian spokesperson, but – come on, don’t pretend like you wouldn’t be impressed if you were there.

  • Polite Society

    I like that the presenter just read the name off the doepfer case. Also the small excerpt of him demonstrating how the modular works reminded me of every time i’ve tried to show someone else how modular works. Sometimes it feels like you might as well be showing someone some accounting software.

    Also, more than anything else, I’m so jealous of that castle house. I want to live in a castle.

  • I lasted 3 mins….