Yves Tumor, aka Rahel Ali, has garnered attention in a crowded music landscape for sonic tales that are personal and poignant.

And as we enter autumn, with its orchestrated parade of releases, this new one has an informality to it – the emotional immediacy of a demo tape. Ali (aka Sean Bowie) is an artist who seems made for an Internet audience, intimate in recorded form, in some blurred place between localities. Ali is American, raised in Tennessee, but now is based in Turin, with recording sessions spanning the USA and Leipzig.

And now, Experiencing The Deposit Of Faith is some sort of daydream, beautiful and sad, looped textures that grow in urgency as the record progresses. It’s a half-remembered drama, a series of warm tableaus made soft by dusty fuzz and fragmented into unresolved questions, unstable nostalgia.

No doubt the free self release will get some deserved attention, the third release from the artist. (#1 was self-released, #2 got a bigger spotlight thanks to label PAN.)

That antique, analog quality seems not pastiche but earnestness. A worthy download:

From earlier this summer, unsettling (and, warning, sometimes graphic) video, to arresting and asymmetrical sounds featuring Oxhy:

(Video – Sam Dye & Bliss Resting.)


  • viridisvir

    Love this sound.

    So many interesting new artists coming up – I’ve heard it called deconstructed club or post-club, but I’ve coined my own umbrella term: Brut (for being both unsweetened a la champagne and also meaning kind of rough).

    WWWings, Sd Laika, Swan Meat, Elysia Crampton, Rabit, Voyder, B.YHZZ, Petit Singe, Bonaventure, Pan Daijing, Celes7e, SHALT, Lotic, **and definitely Yves**

    … none of them sound like each other, but there’s definitely a lowest common denominator between them.