Mics for DJs and the Closet Trick

There's nothing I hate more than wading through industry hype, so what a pleasant surprise that Shure microphones has some of the most useful mic info anywhere — minimal marketing included. This week, Shure brings us "What DJs should know about microphones," a textbook-classic but friendly look at mics annotated by the Needelz Brothers. Nice […]

Cheap Tricks: Better Vocals with Pantyhose

While we're on the subject of cheap recording tricks (see also: singing into your closet), why not make a pop filter out of pantyhose? What's a pop filter, you say? If you're not recording vocals with one, you're insane: sibilance and plosives will create unweildly, well, "pops" on your recording. You could buy a pop […]

John Digweed Plays London, Free

NY1, a cable TV station here in Manhattan, has a segment amusingly called 'The World Beyond New York.' Because the editor of CDM recognizes that there is, apparently, a world beyond New York, we bring you starting today events from around the Non-NYC world, such that it is. Send us your info via the contact […]

Unreal Tournament as Music Environment

Unreal Tournament 2004 has been turned into a custom gaming environment and film studio, so why not music production environment, too? That's the question asked by Vladimir Todorovic, who has created the custom Unreal installation tadar.game music. (via the most futuristic blog on the Web, near near future) Best of all, you're invited. There's an […]

Oasys Keyboard Coming Soon?

Korg's new ultra-high-end OASYS workstation was shown at NAMM, but as of yet, details are scant about pricing, availability, and even some of the technical specs on the keyboard. (Is this OASYS in a keyboard — will it have the same models as the original?) You can definitely expect more in-depth details soon, but at […]

Browse Files, and Other VST Tricks (Win)

Here's a novel idea: Subliminal's new Tackybrowser lets you browse and drag-and-drop files from any VST host. Sure, if you're using a nice host like Ableton Live you've already got a file browser, but this will plug the hole if you've got a Windows host that lacks one. (via kvraudio) And while we're on "things […]

See and Hear Vintage Microphones

All this talk of VSTs and Oasys keyboards making you wistful? Why not honor Presidents' Day (and St. Expeditus, patron saint of procrastination — no, really) by journeying back to the golden age of radio and recording. Coutant.org is an absurdly huge repository of vintage microphones (with pictures and even comparative recordings), photographs, and links […]

VST for Video: FreeFrame SDK Released

FreeFrame is an open-source, free, standard plugin format for video and VJs, an open means of developing your own real-time video effects. It's supported in a wide range of VJ and interactive video applications, and even in big-league applications like Director and After Effects via a wrapper. Even if you're not a programmer, check the […]

Korg Kaptivator: All-in-one VJ Workstation

What if you took an iPod, a drum pad / controller, and a high-end VJ mixer, and put them together? You'd get something like the new Korg Kaptivator. Here's what it does: 40 GB hard drive for storing video clips Two LCDs for watching what you're doing Manipulate clips with an Akai sampler-style touchpad, cross-fader, […]

Mash-Up William Shatner

A combination of not one, but two William Shatner renditions? (Yes, that William Shatner.) Why — this is more than just mash-up, it's a chance to genetically graft the PERFECT SONG! (via Beatmixed, a great mash-up/DJ blog!) ACIDPlanet.com is holding a contest for users to legally mash-up Shatner's "Ideal Woman" and "Has Been". Now, this […]