HALion 4, Steinberg’s Sampler + Synth Soft Workstation, Gets Deeper

Sampler? Synth? Workstation? Or just big bucket of sound? There are some impressive rabbit holes for sound designers out there, and Steinberg’s offering just got a big refresh. While looking at the latest flagship from a music hardware giant (Roland’s Jupiter-80), it’s revealing to compare the software side of the fence. Computer software instruments may […]

CoGe 1.0 Beta 2, Open Source Quartz Composer Modular Visual App

CoGe 1.0 Beta 2 Teaser and interactive Quad Warp demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo. CoGe 1.0 is now in its second public beta, bringing this modular, Quartz-Composer-based visualist app to Mac users. 1.0 introduced a new rendering pipeline, new user interface, new UI, and richer Quartz Composer support. Every single element of the visual […]

Modul8 2.6 Beta: Snow Leopard, Audio Analysis, Blends, 4-Camera Input

New features in Modul8; for more shots, see Modul8’s Flickr stream. Mac-only visual tool Modul8 is getting some significant improvements in version 2.6, available now as public beta. The final version will cost EUR49. Snow Leopard users, this corrects some compatibility issues with Apple’s new OS, which I believe now brings all the major visual […]

Processing 1.0.7 Has Fixes for Snow Leopard, More

1.0.7 is a must-download on any platform because of key fixes to auto-format, highlighting, exception reporting, and PVector. (See revisions.) But if you’re an early adopter of Snow Leopard, this offers fixes for that, as well: Tweaks for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, to force it to run in 32-bit mode. This should bring back […]

Mac OS X 10.6: Quartz Composer 4.0 Hands-On Review, New Features

Ed.: Many of Snow Leopard’s improvements – new, under-the-hood enhancements for 64-bit and multithreading – don’t impact visual creation right away. But significant changes to Quartz Composer could be the most useful, most immediate reasons to look at the latest version of Apple’s OS. Resident Mac guru Anton Marini looks at those changes for CDM. […]

Snow Leopard: MOTU Confirms 10.6 Drivers; Working on 64-bit Support?

MOTU did not respond to CDM’s inquiry regarding Mac OS X 10.6 – but they have just posted the most interesting update I’ve seen yet. They have drivers ready for their hardware today, and (nearly) full compatibility for their entire product line. They also suggest that 64-bit support is in the works for their applications, […]

Snow Leopard Watch: Ableton, Propellerhead Respond

Okay, that’s technically not a snow leopard, but I came pretty close, right? Photo (CC) Mark Kenny. For the latest on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), be sure to check out our full round-up. It’ll be regularly updated through the coming days. We have updates from Propellerhead and Ableton. Basically, the message is what […]

Mac Snow Leopard Watch Site Kickoff

When you’re testing, be like the snow leopard, stalking its prey, patient, silent… okay, I’m tired. Photo (CC) Ian Duffy. The changes may be subtle, and you may not notice a thing. But if you upgrade your OS – any OS – the day it comes out for the ever-delicate work of live music and […]

PreSonus Hardware: First Show-Stopper Mac OS 10.6 Problem

Updated: PreSonus burned the midnight oil to get ready. See bottom. Word from developers confirms what I had suspected: developers were as surprised as we were to learn Apple was shipping a new operating system on August 30. If you have to ask yourself whether you want to upgrade, then the simple answer is – […]

Snow Leopard Watch: Changes, Compatibility, Caution, Native Instruments, Plogue

Rawr! A real snow leopard at age eight weeks at the Eichberg Zoo. Now, should you let the (operating system) snow leopard mature a little before you try to play with it? Photo (CC) Tamby Tamboko. Updated: See http://cdm.link/snowleopard for a running report. Apple’s “Snow Leopard” 10.6 ships Friday, which means it’s time to start […]