Fill 2011 with 2010’s Best Music, as Chosen by Readers; 106 Listener Favorite Choices

Spend seasons with great listening. Photo (CC-BY-SA) hell*yeah. Given the vastness of music available today online, “best of…” lists, while nice to have, can be disappointingly predictable. Not so with music selected by readers of this site. We asked for your favorite albums of last year, and you responded with extraordinary variety. I’ve selected entries from readers – some must-have inclusions, some that were simply well-described or surprising – for your enjoyment here. In these mid-January doldrums, it’s a perfect time to catch up on musical inspiration, then hole up and create some digital music of your own. I’ve called …


Tell Us Your Picks: Top Visualists, Best Work, Vital Technologies of 2010

Photo (CC-BY) Paulo Barcelos. It’s the end of another year. And it’s time to do a proper look back at the best of visualism – the best live visual sets, the best interactive visual work, the best experimental motion, and the most significant technologies that emerged in 2010. Too often, lists of “best VJs” focus entirely on clubland and commercial success, while videos and motion graphics stick to conventional work. So, we need your help. Last year, we had some terrific, thoughtful responses from readers – well worth re-reading now: Tell Us Your Picks: Top Visualists, Best Work of 2009 …


Looking for the Overlooked: What Was Your Favorite Music of 2010?

Photo (CC-BY) Hryck. / Todd. As the inevitable “best music of 2010” arrive, so, too, do complaints. Why are the lists the same? Why is an obvious choice overlooked? Why is a less-known choice overlooked? So, it’s time again for readers to discuss. What was your favorite music of 2010? Mixes, albums, singles? Unless your favorite was recorded entirely to tape, nearly any genre and instrumentation has gone through the filter of digital recording, mixing, and mastering. Almost anything might be said, rightfully, to qualify as digital music. What were the albums that inspired you, sonically, compositionally? What were your …


Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Album is Coming 5/4; Clear Your Calendar

I have no doubt that Cosmogramma, the album Flying Lotus describes as a “space opera,” will be one of the albums of 2010. Actually, I don’t even care if anyone agrees, because I know I’ll thoroughly enjoy it. The only bad news is that you’ll have to wait until May to get the release, coming out on Warp Records. I happened to hang out with Flying Lotus the day he wrapped the record up (after I nearly succumbed to the horrors of LA traffic), so I got to hear the rough-cut. Taking off any music critic hat or anything along …