Former Beatport CEO and now MetaPop founder, Matthew Adell. He wlll join Native Instruments in LA.

What does it mean that NI bought a startup that monetizes remixes?

Native Instruments announced an acquisition that suggests a new area of intended growth for the company. They’ve acquired MetaPop, a firm that clears and monetizes remixes – and with the company, they also get the former CEO of Beatport. To work out what that might mean, you need to first understand MetaPop. It’s safe to say remix culture isn’t what some predicted it would be. Instead of ushering in a bold new age where music is re-imagined by fans and artists find new opportunities to share ideas and earn money to support their art, we get — uh, takedown notices. …


Sony have sold ACID, Sound Forge, more to MAGIX

It’s the end of an era – but maybe not such a golden era. Once upon a time, ACID and Sound Forge were each industry-leading software tools, originally developed by Sonic Foundry. Now, languishing alongside their stablemate, video editor Vegas, they’re seeing ownership pass from Sony (via its creative software division) to German software house and holding company MAGIX.

Photo (CC-BY) Gastón Gaiduk.

Behringer Just Bought TC, TC Helicon, Tannoy

The music and sound industry is increasingly about big-league consolidation. InMusic – the company behind Akai and M-Audio – is growing. Long-standing Japanese titan Yamaha has snapped up Line6. Gibson now includes everything from Tascam to the website Harmony Central to consumer gear branded Philips. (And yes, throw out whatever you think you know about Gibson from the 90s – this has nothing to do with that.) Now, count the giant MUSIC Group – the parent of Behringer, with Uli Behringer as its chief – among the big sharks on the acquisition market. MUSIC Group announced today it has acquired …


Camel Audio Almost Certainly Acquired by Apple

When audio software maker Camel Audio announced they were ceasing operations and making their product line unavailable, we considered two possibilities: either they had simply closed shop, or they were bought. Well, they were bought. That is, we can’t confirm the plug-in vendor has been purchased by Apple. Here, let’s line up two scenarios again. Either: 1. Camel Audio spontaneously moved their UK business registration to Apple’s London address and named Apple lawyer Heather Joy Morrison as their sole Director. (Upside: awesome prank. Downside: um, maybe you get thrown in the Tower of London, or whatever England does these days.) …

The POD that changed everything. Photo (CC-BY) Lauri Rantala.

Yamaha will Acquire Line 6, Major Innovator in Guitar Tech

Even in a big year for acquisitions – with Gibson acquiring Cakewalk, for one – this news comes as a surprise to many of us. Yamaha, the 1887-founded Japanese conglomerate with a stake in everything from golf carts to wheelchairs to jetskis to pianos, is acquiring Line 6, the independent California-based guitar and sound product manufacturer. Yamaha is a huge force in products for music and sound, without question, with an unparalleled design, manufacturing, and distribution apparatus. And music is at their core – look closely at those motorcycles and jetskis, and there’s a reason you’ll see tuning forks. Yamaha …


Tethered DV Shooting: (Now Adobe) DV Rack for PC, Scopebox Coming for Mac

Running around with a camera and shooting from the hip is great fun, and a great way to get source material for visuals, but if you’re shooting to a script and are paying for gear, studio, talent, crew or police roadblocks then you need to make your shots count. DV Rack has recently hit version 2.0 and allows your laptop to act as a field monitor, vectorscope, contrast and focus checker, disk recorder, shot checker etc. CreativeCow have reviews of DV Rack and the 2.0/HD updates: This version of DV Rack has some improvements of which, few are obvious on the …


Avid/Digidesign Buys Sibelius: Pro Tools, M-Audio, and Now Music Notation?

Sibelius Software Ltd., maker of the popular Sibelius music notation software, has been acquired by Avid’s pro audio division, Digidesign, maker of Pro Tools. That means Sibelius joins M-Audio in industry-leading products in Digidesign’s portfolio. Here’s the official word from Sibelius co-creator/co-founder Ben Finn: I’m delighted to inform you that Sibelius Software Ltd has been acquired by Digidesign, the audio division of Avid Technology Inc. … Digidesign has acquired Sibelius because of its strong brand and expertise in music education and its advanced notation technology, not to mention its loyal user base. Day to day, there will be no major …


Digidesign Buys Wizoo; Promises New Pro Tools Products

Digidesign has acquired virtual instrument / soundware / effects maker Wizoo. [via] No big deal, right, since Digidesign’s M-Audio unit already distributes Wizoo products? Think again — Digidesign claims this is a very big deal: think Digi-branded, new products. From the press release: “We plan to deliver powerful integrated synthesis and sampling instruments that provide the highest levels of quality and reliability for music creation, post production and sound design. In addition to the great products Wizoo currently offers, we look forward to delivering new products for the Pro Tools platform that will be equally as ground-breaking as Turbosynth and …


When Users Take Over Plugins: Wusik Buyout?

It’s hard to get solid information, but a storm appears to be brewing on KVR Audio. The developer of Wusikstation is allegedly calling it quits — a combination of business and personal reasons, and sales lost to warez. That’s led to an unprecedented solution for some of the users: band together and try to acquire the software, either to continue it commercially or open source it. Why the groundswell of public support? Aside from users who love the instrument, there are plenty of developers who created sounds for this engine; if Wusikstation is gone, so is their work. Some of …


Macrodobe: Future Killer App?

Keeping up with acquisitions these days is darn near impossible. We wake up this morning, and Adobe has acquired Macromedia. A few humble suggestions from the digital music / interactivity / VJ side of things (and, no, one of them is NOT "bring back SoundEdit" — you'd be amazed how many times I hear that, weirdly): Kill Director, PLEASE. What we need is Flash that's more interactive, not two programs with slightly overlapping capabilities. In fact, what we really need is for you to Add MIDI to Flash. Why this wasn't added natively to Director or Flash eons ago is …