Inspiration: Fluid, Organic Forms, in the Generative Narratives of tsaworks

Martin Böttger (tsaworks) sends along a beautiful 3D audiovisual concoction, with generated tendrils that drift in and out of light as though they are suspended in fluid, synthetic ribbons of jellyfish tentacles. I asked Martin to tell us more.

NAB 2011 New Gear Preview: HDMI Mixing and Capture, Other Goodies Could Transform Live Visuals

Dawn of the HDMI VJ age? Photo (CC-BY-ND) Sam_catch. Ed.: Create Digital Motion contributor Anton Marini reports from NAB, the broadcast gear show this week. While “broadcast” had traditionally been the emphasis, this is 2011 – and a lot of what’s on offer could transform live visuals and design. From tablets manipulating Photoshop to new […]

Adobe versus HTML5? Think Again.

One of the dumbest things I heard tech pundits say this year – and more than a few did, more than a few times – was that somehow HTML5 was a threat to Adobe. The logic goes something like this: 1. Adobe makes Flash. 2. HTML5 does stuff that Flash does. 3. Apple blocks Flash […]

Handheld Visuals: Lo-Res Animated Drawing Tool, and the Goodness of AIR for Android

Bridge Invaders Basics from Momo the Monster on Vimeo. Today, Adobe announced the availability of AIR apps in the Android Market. A quick refresher: AIR is Adobe’s runtime environment for Flash Platform applications. It allows Flash movies to run as closer-to-first-class citizens – they can get access to system hardware like the accelerometer, save/load files, […]

Free Generative MIDI with Cellular Automata, Built in AIR

Cellular AutoMidi is a generative music making app, making use of a modified version of the ever-popular Cellular Automata algorithm – a simple evolutionary model on a grid that works nicely for sequencers. (See, among many others, Lazyfish’s legendary NEWSCHOOL for Reaktor, and Audio Damage’s Automaton.) Cellular Automata is nothing new, but here, you get […]

Adobe to Bring Audition, Wave Editor and Post Tool, to the Mac

Audition, a favorite, previously Windows-only wave editor from Adobe, is coming to the Mac this winter. Adobe is touting native surround support, multi-channel effects, and performance optimizations; you can check out how the new tool looks at Adobe Labs. The public beta is due this winter. Interestingly, Adobe is pushing the video side of this […]

And Just Like That, WebM, Vorbis, and VP8 Became Real Open Video Standards

What happened to the Internet standards advocates who got everything they ever wanted? They lived happily ever afte— now, wait a minute. Microsoft, Apple – you guys better not play the Grinch on this one, ‘kay? Photo (CC-BY) love♡janine. Shifts in standards usually take place at a glacial pace. This one may have just happened […]

Adobe on the 64-bit Transition: Plugs Will Be Ready, You'll Be Happy

One of the numerous 64-bit-ready processors, the Core 2 Duo E7300. Photo (CC) William Hook. What will 64-bit mean for After Effects? Will it be worth the jump, and will your plug-ins be ready? I noted that those questions had some people concerned earlier this week. AE Product Manager Michael Coleman writes in with a […]

Not Everyone Pleased to See After Effects Go 64-bit?

Spin the wheel, get an app! The Adobe wheel of icons, as realized (CC-BY) Charles Williams. When Adobe announced 64-bit After Effects in the fall, they listed a number of benefits users would reap from the transition: Performance for high-resolution formats, like working with 4K images from the RED camera. (They even went so far […]

Image Content Editing: Adobe CS5 Brings Seam Carving to Photoshop

We’ve been keeping an eye on Seam Carving (or “Content Aware Image Resizing”, for the academically unhip) since 2007. Now, via French VJ blog extraordinaire LeCollagiste, we discover that Photoshop CS5 will feature what Adobe and Princeton are now calling PatchMatch. PatchMatch: Structural Image Editing from Dan Goldman on Vimeo. No sign of any publicly […]