Synthesis + Booze: Moog Bubbly, Moog Beer, Toasting Little Phatty Serial One

Lift your glasses and toast your synthesizer, because evidently drinking and synthesis just go together. First up, the folks at Moog Music have put out a limited edition bubbly with their new Little Phatty synth on the label, as pictured here from the Moog Music newsletter. They have reason to celebrate: the Little Phatty synths […]

Sexohol Releases First-Ever Widget Album

First vinyl, then 8-track, then tape, then CD, then MP3, now . . . Dashboard widget? Yes, you heard that right. Sexohol is releasing its album Enjoy as a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. It’s free, and includes pictures of the lovely couple in the band plus lyrics. Only downside is you have to […]

Peterson Beer Bottle Organ: MIDI + Keyboard Control

CDM’s round-the-clock beer bottle organ coverage continues! Yes, in addition to the Gulbransen Beer Bottle Organ, there’s yet another MIDI-controlled organ. This one comes out of Chicago: Peterson Tuners Beer Bottle Organ (Thanks, Charles; great find!) Best of all, there are sound samples of the Peterson, demonstrating that this more or less sounds like a […]

MIDI-Controlled Beer Bottle Organ

There are times when I can say something wittier than the manufacturer’s ad copy. This is NOT one of those times: The Bottle Organ is a real showstopper! It plays by blowing across the tops of real beer bottles, which are permanently tuned. And the music is so lovable! Driven by contemporary MIDI technology, the […]