Watch The Black Madonna DJ live from … inside a video game

Algorithmic selection, soulless streaming music, DJ players that tell you what to play next and then do it for you… let’s give you an alternative, and much more fun and futuristic future. Let’s watch The Black Madonna DJ from inside a video game.

TonalEnergy is so much more than just a tuner and metronome

TonalEnergy is so much more than just a tuner and metronome, it can do way more and really shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’ve never seen this app before you should check it out as it’s a real swiss army knife in your iOS toolkit

Ashley Elsdon - August 7, 2018

Between art tech and techno, past and future, a view from Russia

Gamma, the oversized electronic music and contemporary art event, has just wrapped in St. Petersburg, RU. We talk to Moscow-based curator Natalia Fuchs about transformations both historical and future in the realm of intermedia art and technology culture.

Peter Kirn - July 30, 2018

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