Your smartphone needs a pocket mixer: Roland Go:Mixer Pro review

The Roland Go:Mixer Pro packs a complete mixer into a handheld device, and it interfaces with your iPhone, Android phone – or anything else. We got one of the first units to test.

Is WhoSampled’s app set to be the Shazam of pro users?

One app for iOS and Android now recognizes songs – and links you to covers, remixes, and samples. WhoSampled just added song recognition.

Peter Kirn - July 2, 2018

SunVox is 10, and it is truly something worth celebrating

SunVox, the massively cross platform modular DAW is now 10 years old. Sunvox runs on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS plus there are versions for PocketCHIP and Pi. You can even run older versions on PalmOS

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