Rant – Congratulations, Apple: “Syncing” Music Now Means “Using iTunes”

Photo (CC) Tim Douglas. Critics frequently attach the phrase “lock-in” to Apple’s iTunes Store – iTunes – iPod/iPhone combination. But, in the post-DRM age, what does that mean, exactly? First, you have to recall that while for many of us the manual drag-and-drop music management is appealing, it isn’t so for many average consumers. They […]

Computer Vision Goodness: OpenCV 2.0, OpenCV on Android, Book

OpenCV powers a multitouch interface, built in openFrameworks. Project by / photo (CC) Todd Vanderlin. When Thanksgiving rolls around, OpenCV will be one of the gifts for which I’ll be thankful. OpenCV is a “computer vision” library, capable of tracking motion and analyzing images, but generally useful as a pixel-crunching video library for many tasks. […]

iPhone Day: Free Frameworks Make Thumping Apps, Mobile or Otherwise

Part of the beauty of the iPhone from its launch date was the notion of a Mac you could fit in the palm of your hand. That makes it ironic that, for so many developers, mobile platforms in general have turned into a way to fragment software, to make it run fewer places instead of […]

Android MIDI Controller, Musical App Updates with MIDI Over Wifi

Okay, Google Android fans — your apps are starting to arrive, especially as Google continues to improve the SDK. First up, here’s a demo of the new app FingerPlay MIDI, which turns Android into a simple touch controller. True, we’ve seen similar things on iPhone, and Apple’s platform has precise multitouch which Android lacks, but […]

Blender Game Engine Developing Fast; Nokia Control

Blender, the free and open source 3D modeling tool that’s also a real-time game engine, promises real-time visual performance possibilities, and is even a video editing tool, continues its march toward the long-promised, insanely powerful 2.5 milestone. (“Point five” doesn’t really begin to cover it.) 2.49 is now stable. And boy does it have a […]

Handmade (and Handheld) Music in Brooklyn, Plus Online Stream, Thursday

The Gamelatron at the Chelsea Museaum Teaser Handmade Music hits Brooklyn again Thursday night with a terrific lineup: Robotic gamelan instruments with the Gamelatron, created by Zemi17 and the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) – check the video above! Rescued PDAs and iPods making music, with the Linux-powered ReWare project (which even allows […]

Save that Old PDA: Run Reware, Play Pd Musical Creations, Android (OFFF, NYC)

Reware your PDA from Hans-Christoph Steiner on Vimeo. Give a hoot – don’t pollute with your old mobile gear. Make musical creations with it instead, powered by Linux. Sure, there are wonderful things happening with mobile music applications on platforms like the shiny, new iPhone. But remember how technology was supposed to democratize access? Lots […]

iPhone 3.0 SDK “Library Access” Won’t Allow Effects, DJ Apps, Games?

The iPhone 3.0 SDK is a fantastic update, bringing a lot of what was on developer wish lists for the device. But some of the early speculation – that the so-called “library access” would enable music games and DJ apps — may have been premature. Jordan Balagot writes to let us know that, at least […]

Android, Apple, and Multi-Touch, from the Man Who Hacked the G1

We’ve got further compelling evidence Apple doesn’t really own multi-touch and multi-touch gestures — and that other devices and interfaces will press forward (which is a good thing for everyone). Lest you think I’m straying too far from creating digital music, by the way, I think this means lots of new music apps – as […]