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We’ll be roaming the floors of NAMM today and tomorrow. As we check out new gear, snap photos and media, and have a look around, you can follow more detailed updates if you’d like more information. On Twitter, follow @cdmblogs for the latest. If you prefer Facebook, simply like our Facebook page: We hope to do more with both these accounts in 2012, too. Marsha Vdovin is here, and counts fully as a NAMM veteran (that sounds really wrong), James Grahame, creator of our MeeBlip synth and the blog Retro Thing is about, and of course I’ll be out …


Thanksgiving Open Thread, Delivering in Beta

On US soil today, it’s Thanksgiving. I’m over 3600 miles away, myself, from the place that began as home this year in New York, but ready to celebrate a day off anyway as I take in Eindhoven’s STRP Festival and prepare for performing on Saturday back in Berlin. But whether you’re in the US or in one of the many other parts of the world where we count readers, let’s pause to consider what makes us thankful. I’m immensely thankful to have the opportunity to make music. I find it’s always worth reminding myself of that, and reminding to fight …


A New Partnership, a New Series on Digital Sound and Art in Berlin; First Look at the Artists

Exploring the connection of the mechanical to sound, UK-based artists Stephen Cornford and Paul Whitty make reclaimed tape machines into instruments. All images courtesy LEAP. In performance and art, sound and music constantly pull against the formless abstraction of the computer, to find physical expression and realization. In physical control, in tangible production, and in exploration of space, artists explore techniques new and old to refine the still-youthful medium of electronic and digital sound. That adventure is at the heart of a new series at a gallery space in the heart of Berlin, LEAP – the Lab for Electronic Arts …


A Moment of Reflection for Japan; How to Support Relief

(CC-BY-SA) Lloyd Morgan. We live in a fragile world, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities we’re gifted to share ideas about music making and engineering, sound and tools. I will continue our regular content, but I also want to ask all of our readers to reflect on our friends and colleagues impacted directly and indirectly by the aftermath of Friday’s tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear crisis. It is to date one of the most far-reaching disasters in its connection to the larger audience for this site, though we remain sensitive to loss throughout our community worldwide. I want to specifically …


Survey Giveaway: Win $2500 in DubSpot Online Training, Reason+Record, or AdrenaLinn Sync

It’s time for a census of CDM readers. But we can give back to you for your time – some prizes, and more investment in the site. Photo of 1940 US Census, CC-BY-ND United States Department of Agriculture; Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-91199. Take a very short survey, and you’ll be entered to win some six months of intensive training in music production and Ableton Live, or copies of some of our favorite recent software, a two-app box set of Reason and Record from Propellerhead or Roger Linn’s AdrenaLinn Sync. Knowing more about our readers helps us develop Create Digital Music, …


A Very Visualist Holiday: Tell Us What Eye Candy is Worth Wishing For

Photo (CC-BY) Valerie Renee. Musicians get loads of gift guides. Still photographers, too. Visualists – people who care about live visuals, fun synesthetic toys, experimentation for your eyes, and visual innovation – not so much. Let’s change that. Whether it’s a book about Nam June Paik, a set of lenses, a novel live controller, we want to hear about it. If you make something you think would work as a gift, if you have something on your own list, or suggest something for someone just getting into this stuff, do let us know. And yes, we’re doing this on Music, …


Dear Santa… Tell Us What Musical Stuff is on Your Wish List

Photo (CC-BY) magma666 / Scott. What’s truly wish-worthy? Is it a manuscript paper notebook? An iPhone app? A glitched-out hardware effect? A DAW? A sample library? A CD or book? Before we put together some of our own suggestions for this year’s gift guide, we want to hear from you. You can add to your own wish list. You can add something you’ve gotten yourself you think someone else – or even a beginner – might want themselves. If you make something you want people to know about, be you a large vendor or garage maker, you can pitch us …


Audio Podcast: Talking Music Tech News with Wire to the Ear, CDM

Vintage radio equipment, ca 1957, (CC-BY) the Seattle Municipal Archives. Oliver Chesler and his Wire to the Ear blog have long been among my favorite reading on the Web. It turns out he and I have both been pondering the idea of doing an audio podcast to talk about trends in music and technology. After we did a panel together, the idea was irresistible. Sure, podcasts have exactly none of the hype they once did, but both of us listen to spoken word content voraciously. So, here’s the first experiment. We get a chance to speak, uncensored and off the …


A New CDM, A New Community

(CC-BY) Andy Wright. I’m happy today to introduce a new Create Digital Music, a new Create Digital Motion, and a new community called Noisepages. The design this week represents a collaboration between Richard Bailey (aka musician proem), who designed and coded the site, graphic designer Nathanael Jeanneret, who conceived and designed the new layout and identity and graphics assets, and myself. We’ve built what I’m already finding a better platform for CDM’s stories, one I look forward to seeing every morning. Aside from how it looks, it’ll be a vastly more flexible and powerful platform for everything we do. Just …


Your Input Needed: Visualist Platform Survey 2010

“Why don’t you cover more…” “Why are you biased toward…” Vocal, or perhaps a silent minority or majority, readers have platforms they choose that matter to their art. In parallel with the sonically-inclined survey launched earlier today on Create Digital Music, we want to know what platforms you use and care about seeing covered on Create Digital Motion, especially as we plan expanded coverage for the coming months. Dumped the PC for an iPad? Running all your live shows on an Amiga? A PlayStation 2? Whatever your choice, we want to hear about it. Note that this isn’t a popularity …