Drop.io: Dead-Simple, Quick Music File Sharing Workflows, Now Real-time

Quick – you’ve got a music file that someone (a collaborator, a client, a friend) needs to hear. How do you send it to them? It seems countless Web entrepreneurs have new ways for sharing media – there are online Flash-based music editing applications, social networks, elaborate MySpace and Facebook killers. We’ve been impressed with […]

Can Rhythmic Analysis Demonstrate the Use of Robotic Beats?

Photo (CC) Nigel Appleton. News may filter through Boing Boing, Slashdot, and Reddit – and certainly, this story already has. But oddly, I learned of this item when I happened to meet up with the blog item’s author in Somerville, Massachusetts. He has digital analysis he believes may prove that a track was recorded to […]

What’s New From Ableton in Videos: Live, APC, Max for Live; Thoughts on Share

Assuming you haven’t already hit Ableton overload with all the news announced this week, Ableton has posted a set of videos that do a pretty nice job of demonstrating the features. I’ve assembled them into a playlist here. (Stumbled on these videos thanks to Synthtopia.) There are four videos in the playlist, covering Live 8, […]

Cycling ‘74 Reveals Max For Live: Make Max Patches that Integrate with Ableton

It’s been a long, long wait, but it’s now official: Ableton and Cycling ‘74 have collaborated on Max for Live, which integrates Max/MSP with Ableton Live. There’s tons of information on the Cycling ‘74 site, and I’ll be doing some follow-up interviews for CDM soon with more details, but here’s the overview. What is Max […]

SoundCloud Here: Like Flickr For Music?

  SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo. SoundCloud, an online sharing community for sound and music, is now hours from public launch. I’ve been playing around with a closed beta for several months, and have to say, I’ve been really impressed. SoundCloud isn’t the first attempt to provide places to share music files with […]