Apple Has a New QuickTime X, But We’re Not Allowed to Talk About It

Apple unveiled QuickTime X at the WWDC keynote. Here are their bullet point slides: Modern foundation Hardware Acceleration ColorSync HTTP Streaming I’m actually quite keen to know how the new QuickTime X works. What will it mean for live visualists? What does it mean for developers, not only on Mac but Windows? What does it […]

Google O3D: Mind-Blowing Open-Source 3D API in the Browser with JavaScript + OpenGL, DirectX

Wish granted! Think 3D in the browser will never catch on? Think again. The folks at Google Labs have built an incredible-looking 3D API called O3D. It does just about everything you want, and then some: It’s multi-platform: Mac + Windows + Linux. It can render to both OpenGL and DirectX render pipelines. You can […]

Could the iPhone be a Video Out Device?

iPhone Video Out from Ars Technica on Vimeo. Ars Technica had a nice piece a couple of weeks ago on an undocumented Apple API for sending video out of the iPhone. I’ve been dreaming of having just such a capability – ideally, also mirroring the onscreen action for screencasts on iPhone/iPod touch apps, though that’s […]

JavaFX 1.0 API Arrives, but Vastly Incomplete

We really do need a new rich Internet platform. We need more seamless platforms that work across operating systems and mobile devices. And, in an issue extremely relevant to this site, we need development tools that make it easier for artists of all kinds to create media software and digital artwork and performance tools. The […]

Wanted: QuickTime 7.5 Experience, Bug Reports

New QuickTime releases are usually accompanied by a rash of bug reports — not necessarily exclusively the fault of Apple’s; maybe it simply reflects the widespread use of the QuickTime APIs and the general fragility of digital video. We’ve heard surprisingly little, though, from the visual community about QuickTime 7.5. Macfixit does report some major […]

SxSW: A New Web, From Live Data to Continuous, Visual Interfaces

SearchBurst, which visualizes “burst” effects on Yahoo! Search, as world events impact search queries. Built in Processing by the yHaus team (Aaron Koblin specifically), with code/support from our friend and code hero Toxi, and Mike Chang. Imagine VJing with a stream of live snapshots from partygoers — or playing live data from the Web on […]

Visualizing Data, and Data as Art

Regine at We Make Money Not Art has a fantastic overview (summarizing a recent workshop) of presenting data and numbers visually: Visualizing: tracing an aesthetics of data It’s a great read; well worth working through the whole thing. The art of presenting data more expressively is exploding fast. It was a big part of the […]

OpenGL 3.0 is (Nearly) Here; Why Use DirectX?

3D goodness means getting cozy with your local graphics API — and getting ready to nerd out in a big way. OpenGL continues to progress with a major overhaul. It’s a way off, but you’ve still got lots of eye candy with OpenGL 2.1. So … if you’re not Electronic Arts or Bungie, is there […]

Vista Preview: DirectX 10 Offers Eye Candy, But OpenGL Lives

One major carrot Microsoft is holding out to convince people to upgrade to Vista some time next year is the broadly-overhauled DirectX 10. I’m skeptical about many of the new features in Vista, but I have to say, DirectX 10 is tempting, at least based on what we know now. Details are somewhat sketchy, but […]