CL:OC Kinetic Lighting Installation: A Dance in Tubes of Light

CL:OC – A Kinetic Installation from Grosse 8 on Vimeo. G8 LABS’ CL:OC is a lighting installation shown recently in Köln, Germany. It’s a kind of moving sculpture, choreographing tubes of light as they form and dissolve the digits of the titular clock. It’s a beautifully-elegant, minimal piece, the sort that demonstrates how much can be done with simple lighting fixtures simply by treating them themselves as part of the image. Thanks to creator Gerrit for sending this in! Full description:


On Record Store Day, Music in Physical Places – In a Forest, Even?

If you’re heading out into the wilderness to find a record store, why not actually head out into the wilderness – the one with trees – and find music there? Today, a you’ve no doubt heard, is Record Store Day. The official site is a useful resource, today and around the year. Today brings a number of special physical releases, favoring vinyl but also including CDs. A mobile app download will help you locate record stores in your city, both in the US and other countries around the world. All of this does raise some deeper issues. Record stores can …


360-Degree Wall, 4000 LEDs, Made with Cardboard, Paper, and Needles, in Action

Big pixels, enormous screen: watching the latest LED wall spring to life from basic materials, with a lot of effort, is a sheer delight. Reader Konstantin Leonenko sends in this work, by technical producers YBCOZ, for the Dutch artist Giny Vos’ cinematic installation. The sheer quantity of LEDs aside, it’s the ability of that cinematic quality to shine through in Vos’ work that ultimately makes the technical achievement more valuable. The construction, which took a full month of work, is here collapsed into four minutes. During those minutes, what you’re seeing is some 360 degrees, 4,000 LEDs for 4,000 individual …


Generative Art in Internet Cafe Browsers; Marius Watz in Processing.js

Tonight, interactive artists are taking over an Internet Cafe and turning it into exhibition space, running artworks that function in regular browsers. Artists: Erik Andersson, Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Charles Broskoski, Jon Cates, Aleksandra Domanovic, Doubble Happiness, Constant Dullaart, JODI, JK Keller, Greg Leuch, Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied, Duncan Malashock, Eva & Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Aaron Meyers, Mark Napier, Katja Novitskova, Paper Rad, Jon Rafman, Ariel Rebel, Ryder Ripps, Evan Roth, Brad Troemel, Marius Watz Aram Bartholl is curating; the event runs tonight on 90 Bowery in New York from 8-11p. But this is doubly worth mentioning, …

READ MORE → Soothing iPad Audiovisual Clouds, Immaculate Installation app from aaajiao on Vimeo. There’s something to be said for presentation. For, a meditative, ambient particle and music application for iOS, simple gestures in fluid “cloud water” are treated inside various frames. In different iterations of the work, originally coded in Processing, the clouds have found themselves on scattered screens, in proscenium-style performance, and most recently, suspended from the ceiling. The result is a different sense of the piece, an impression that what’s on the screen is part of something bigger. Artist aaajiao shares the work with us. Description: technical support : shen jiujiu computer graphics, video …


Tired – LED Walls; Wired – Giant Fluorescent Tube Displays! Meet "I Am Display"

I AM DISPLAY from dada technology on Vimeo. “I Am Display” is 10,000 watts of lighting goodness, composed of original, handmade electronics and some 182 lighting tubes, deployed in a 13-meter length, which debuted early this year. I’m not entirely sure I follow the designers’ intentions here: There is a sense of inverted communication between man and this man-made machine. It is bigger than our huge screens. It is higher then us and longer than our cars. And instead of doing what we tell it to do, this display does something with us. The viewer experiences a confrontation with a …