Hours and hours and hours of Autechre

Is IDM cool again? Like even calling things IDM? We think so. Now, there’s probably lots we could say about Autechre, but that’d take precious time away from you listening to all the Autechre-y Autechre that just Autechred into your Autechre. So, let’s just cover the facts, ma’am, in quick order – and they’re all pretty awesome. Of course, spoiler, all your fellow music nerd friends have been talking about nothing else on their Facebook feed today, but at least we can put this all in one convenient location:


Gantz Graf, the Max for Live Plug-in: Reactive-Visualizing Your Tracks

Hang about. I may have given away the punchline in the headline, and now there’s not much more to say. “Hey, is there a plug-in out there that I can just switch on and visualize music with?” I can’t count the number of times I get asked this. That could make the following a very popular download, indeed. Animator Alex Rutterford’s original Gantz Graf video, interestingly, was not reacting to audio. But generative technique has moved on since then, so aping the style of the visuals in a patch makes some sense. The results aren’t perfect, but they do demonstrate …


Digital Meets Organic in Beautiful Music Video for Roel Funcken [Schematic]

Abstract three-dimensional geometries: for many, they are the best expression of the rich imagery the mind’s eye produces when listening to music. But, with a growing heap of work that uses that material, artists have to push the details and execution to connect with the music. Last year, Michel de Klein did a beautiful realization of Dutch artist Roel Funcken’s “Mercury Retrograde,” out on Schematic; I’m surprised I’m only coming across this now. It recalls the classic music video for Autechre’s “Gantz Graf,” produced in 2002 by Alex Rutterford of Lost in Space and far ahead of its time. Here, …


Network Awesome Electronic Music Week: Way More Electronic Music Videos Than You Can Handle

Quit your job, leave your loved ones, stock up on food, and get ready to destroy your life with videos from YouTube. Network Awesome, a kind of curatorial “TV” network full of free online videos, has been assembling the best documentaries dealing with electronic music online, with hours and hours and hours of things that could basically keep you from, ironically, reading this site for the rest of the week if you like. This isn’t just some random assortment, either. There are thoughtful assortments and surprise discoveries, including a celebrity-chosen set of some pretty far-out live shows pulled by Jan …


Autechre Set, 1991-2002, With Videos, With or Without the Actual Box

Rob Brown and Sean Booth, aka Autechre, remain one of the most forward-thinking acts in electronic music; going back to their work from a decade or two ago feels less like history and more like futuristic artifact, a musical seed from space unearthed in a cornfield somewhere and about to rip your throat (or ears) out. Warp Records’ Bleep service doing the hard work for you and collecting all their EPs? That’s very good news. EPs 1991-2002 promises to be what a box set should be: all substance, no nonsense, and with 47 tracks, many of them rare and out …


Autechre-Inspired Geometrical Audiovisuals; Grab the Cinema4D File Free

I really enjoy when I get the chance to cross-post stories on Create Digital Music and Motion; I think it means maybe we’re doing something right. Inspired by Autechre, the collaboration of Leisure-B and Usselino produced this pulsing music video full of primitive geometries. It’s not entirely unlike some works we’ve seen before, but at the same time, there’s enough here to spark imaginations about how visual geometries and music might be connected (a topic foremost on my mind these days). I also like that you can download the Massive synth presets and Cinema4D file used to create it. It’s …


Autechre New Ten Track Unveiled; Hear and Download a Cut Free

Autechre are back, following up a set of live dates and March full length release with yet another full-length on Warp and more dates, this time beginning at the end of August in Perth, Australia and heading off to Slovakia, Poland, Japan, and Greece. Best to let you hear the new full-length track, available for streaming via SoundCloud. (Not embeddable; only on their site, though note that there’s actually a little SoundCloud security hole when you expose a private link in that way – a topic for another day.) http://autechre.ws/move-of-ten/ I think I may be more eager to hear this …