Freezepop Goes Anime: Music Videos in 2005 All About Flash

Music videos with actual live video? That’s so expired. Wired: using Flash to create interactive visuals to listen to while you play a track. That’s exactly what our tech-savvy friends in Boston band Freezepop have done (the same folks who I noted have a PlayStation version of themselves and jam live with their PS2s: Fancy […]

INXS Reality Show, Rocking Nuendo

Remember when people singing bad covers of rock songs was called karaoke and didn’t involve a national television audience? Oh, for those more innocent times. Now we’re subjected to one musical reality TV show after another. The latest combines The Apprentice and Survivor (same producer), with American Idol; bands compete to be the lead singer […]

Rock Gods of Rock: Cartoon of the Week

What do you mean, we’ve never had a cartoon of the week before and probably never will again? And what do you mean, Music Thing has covered it already? (So, my informant Adrian Anders has a tendency to submit tips to multiple blogs and I was traveling this weekend . . . what do you […]

Improve Band Relations: Have a 5-way

Jordan sends us this tidbit from CDM’s major rival, The New York Post. From the ‘New York Minute” gossip section: The band that plays together stays together: Two male members of Hinder, a new act just signed by Universal, ended up in bed this week in their Vancouver hotel suite, along with “their female stylist, […]

Terrible Album Covers, Fugly Bands

To make Friday truly a Day of Shame (hey, you have the holiday weekend to recover, at least if you’re in the US), I bring you: truly offensive, awful, and nausea-inducing album covers. No, not World’s Worst Album Covers (as pointed out in December by Music Thing.) The Museum of Bad Album Covers. (Hear that’s […]

Indie Cellphones: Jivjiv Lets Bands Set Up Ringtone Store

Indie ringtones? `Bout time. (What do you mean, this Jessica Simpson ringtone ain’t cool?) Jivjiv let’s anyone with art or music create their own cellphone wallpaper and ringtone store. A la cafepress, you even set your own prices. The stores are free; you just wait and collect your cut. You’ll need an Internet-enabled phone to […]

Gear Porn: “Spinal Rape” Makes Gear Music Video Star

Eric Barbour (editor of Vacuum Tube Valley and owner of vacuum-tube music maker metasonix), has sent us a music video that looks like “Home Studio: The Movie.” It’s called “Spinal Rape.” (Nice name — let me try to picture that.) Heavy metal? Home computer audio studio? Why, who would ever think the two would be […]

Deva: Female Devo Cover Band

Cover band mania continues: why, now there's even an all-female Devo cover band, called Deva. If you're in New York and need some "dome energizing," check them out Friday night. No audio clips up yet. Just bask in the randomness. Oh, and it turns out the real Devo is still touring.