Shake-to-Get-a-Free-Album: Apple Called it Too Useless to Approve

Nid & Sancy – The Cut up Jeans Technique app from Lab101 on Vimeo. Like an attention-starved Tamagotchi – or a two-and-a-half year-old toddler – this is an app that wants to shake around and gets easily bored. Yes, we’ve seen endless predictions that apps might replace albums. (I said it on a panel once, so I’m guilty.) But… how, exactly? In a novel and entertainingly-juvenile concept, the app R.A.N.D.Y. is a handheld dancing character who wants to be shaken around in order to keep the music playing. Worth it? Well, with the funky sounds of Belgian electronic/punk act Nid …


Geo-tastic Augmented Sculptures by Jean-Michel Verbeeck; Stumbling for Words for a Meme

. / HEXASTRUCT from Jean-Michel Verbeeck on Vimeo. You’ve seen work like this before, but keep watching – Jean-Michel Verbeeck’s execution is exquisite. Let me throw a phrase out there to describe this meme around projection mapping and augmented projection: Neo-Baroque Abstract Expressionism Post-minimalist Trompe L’oeil (I mean those – I’m not just turning into one of those arty bollocks generators.) At top, one of the “stacks of blocks” variety, but I also enjoy the more reason geometric superhero figure below. Details after the jump. . / INNOVATES from Jean-Michel Verbeeck on Vimeo.


Beatsurfing: At Last, a Controller for iPad That Lets You Draw Layouts Onscreen, “Surf” Controls

Beatsurfing – The Organic MIDI Controller Builder – Official Teaser from Vlek Data on Vimeo. There are already some exceptional touch controllers on iOS. But that means it’s doubly time for something new. Even among the best touch apps for iPad, there are some common themes. Layouts, if they’re editable at all, generally require a computer app for making and adjusting sets of controls. And (while Lemur is a notable exception), many restrict you to virtual simulations of conventional buttons and faders, rather than using a range of novel controls. That seems to ignore some of the potential of the …