Reason, ReWire are Mac Intel Native; Performance Boosts on Mac and Windows

Propellerhead has just unveiled three updates, Reason 3.05 for Mac, and ReWire 1.7 and an updated REX library for Mac and Windows. The big story is native compatibility of Intel-native Macs for Reason, but that’s not the only story. Just about everyone will benefit from the new versions, on PowerPC and Intel Macs, and Windows […]

Ableton Live + Logic 7.2.1 + ReWire + Intel Mac Hands-On: It Works, It Rocks, More Ableton Forum Speed Tests

As reported here last week, Apple’s 7.2.1 update to Logic Pro and Express adds ReWire support to Intel Macs. Logic 7.2 also revamped the way ReWire works on all machines, so it’ll benefit all Logic users, not just Intel Mac owners. But the addition of ReWire means you can now fire up a Core Solo […]

Macworld Verdict: MacBook Pro Blazes Through Logic

It’s the moment of truth: we finally get to see how Intel Macs compare to G5 and G4 Macs when running serious audio software. I got my first opportunity to work with James Galbraith and Macworld Labs to put Apple’s Intel-based Macs through their paces running the new Intel-native Logic Pro 7.2. The results were […]

Ableton Live Benchmarks: PCs, Macs, and Intel Macs

This wins the comment of the week: velocipede (via AdamJay) points us to a thread benchmarking Ableton Live 5, in which the first Intel Mac benchmarks are coming in: Live 5 Performance Test [Info, downloadable benchmark at Ableton forums] Core Duo iMacs (scroll down and look for the words “Intel” and “Mac OS X” in […]

Intel Mac Mini Looks Fab for Music, Weaker for Live Graphics [UPDATED]

Apple continues to replace their products’ CPUs with new Intel processors, today unveiling Mac minis powered by the Intel Core Solo and Core Duo. (See product page, full specs from Apple.) Especially given the price, these look like they’ll be great machines for music production, at least once the software catches up. You won’t want […]

Macworld: Will Intel iMacs Outperform Quad Power Macs?

Okay, benchmarking geeks, here’s a word problem for you: Apple’s iMac with a 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo is twice as fast as the old iMac with a 2.1 GHz G5. How does it compare to a Power Mac? Hard to say, especially since only some apps are native on the new chip, but here’s […]

Analysis: Mac vs. PC Benchmarking

In this corner, from the Land of the Setting Sun of CA, we have the gorgeous, easy-to-use, "I'm an incredibly-expensive cheese-grater" Power Mac G5. And in this corner, the "Hide me under your desk before I scare small children" utilitarian black box from Austin, the Dell Precision 470. Which will whip through progress bars so […]