On Behringer’s Track Record, “Value,” and “Copies”

Photo (CC) sleepydisco aka David Wood. In pointing out Behringer’s clone of Apple’s homepage, I may have left some things unclear. I was honestly surprised to find a number of people rushing to Behringer’s defense. I wasn’t trying to score cheap and easy points against the brand, but while venting frustration, I may have underestimated […]

Stompboxes @ Messe: Roland Space Echo, TC Helicon Voice Processors

Stompboxes are back! Yes, software is great, but the gigging musician still loves something you can plug in and step on. The Messe show saw some traditionally rack-mounted gear reborn in stomp form. Sure to be a huge hit, Roland’s BOSS RE-20 takes the beloved RE-201 Roland Space Echo and recreates it as a stompbox. […]

Roland, Edirol, BOSS Vista Compatibility Update

Roland has published a compatibility list for all its current relevant hardware, under the BOSS, Roland, and Edirol brands. Windows Vista Compatibility Release The table setup is a bit unusual. “Yes” means “will be compatible” in the future tense, but that apparently translates to “it works now”; links are included to 32-bit and 64-bit drivers. […]

Roland’s New Pocket-able SD 4-Track: BOSS Micro-BR

There’s virtually no new gear out of NAMM this year, it seems, but Roland does have one tiny, silver 4-track recorder (well, actually 2 track recorder, 4 track playback, with more “virtual tracks”): BOSS Micro-BR For those of you who like old-school multitracking to sketch out ideas but want to go digital, this could be […]