Commodore 64 Music: Past, Present, Future, Forever

There’s never enough Commodore 64 music. While I’m waiting on my Prophet64 cart to arrive (see previous story), here’s some musical C64 reading (and listening) for you:

New Music Cartridge for Commodore 64, MIDI Interface Option … No, Really

Talk about music software for alternative OSes: the Prophet64 is a new cartridge for the Commodore 64 computer. In case you haven’t yet heard about the project, our friend James Grahame over at Retro Thing has been on top of it for some time, but the big news from him is that the cartridge is […]

All Commodore 64 Music, All the Time?

I’m busy finishing — count them — 5 feature stories at once today (coffee, please?!), so that means it’s time to check in on the rest of the blogosphere. It’s “I love the 80s” time again on this week’s Best Music Blog. Words cannot describe the geeky goodness of the new Commodore 64 Music Blog. […]

Vintage Commodore 64 SID Synthesizers: Reborn on PCI (Mac/PC)

CDM Exclusive: Reflexaudio tells us that they’ll be manufacturing the HardSID Quattro PCI card, a PCI card featuring authentic vintage SID chips as used in the original Commodore 64. (European readers may be aware the HardSID product has been available over there for a while, but Reflex will bring manufacturing and broader North American distribution.) […]