Production, Beyond the Track: Mad Zach on Collaboration, Combining Tech and Technique [Interview]

“Producer”: in electronic music, this used to mean some person who makes tracks. Today, some special electronic musicians go way beyond that role. They’re combining skills partly because it means diversifying income, but also out of a real love for doing a variety of stuff. They’re holed up in the studio making music, sure – but they’re also finding collaborative ways of doing that, often online, and sharing skills and sounds as they develop them. It’s a more open, connected approach to electronic musical practice. And Mad Zach is a great example. He’s a producer and DJ, but he’s also …


CDM Welcomes Bill Gates to Digital Music Creation!

If you missed Bill Gates’s keynote from CES, you didn’t miss much — aside from an uncomfortably-close-to-Terminator image recognition demo, technology Microsoft says they won’t productize. (That’s good, because otherwise a robot from the future might have killed all the presenters on the spot.) But Microsoft did stage an Oscar-style spoof video, complete with celebrities, demonstrating what Gates might do after retirement from his full-time Chairman position later this year. The overwhelming trend: get into music making. Guitar Hero and Rock Band seem to be doing fine jobs of convincing people to make more music. I had Chairman Bill running …


Web: Want to Break Into Games? Nextcat Adds Listings

Amidst the social networking crap, there are gems offering real resources. Nextcat lies somewhere between LinkedIn and MySpace, offering places to connect with professionals in a range of fields. The site was founded by two Berklee College of Music alums, an alma mater for a number of our readers. I’m guessing "modeling" applies to very few of you, but music is included, and now the games industry, as well, including music and audio for games and related careers. (Our own W. Brent Latta broke into that field while writing for CDM.) Nextcat seems to do a pretty good job of …