djay Pro could be the iPad Pro’s first killer music and VJ app

Tablets and laptops, cars and trucks, iPads and MacBooks and Surface and things that have “Pro” at the end of them and don’t… enough. Let’s ask a simpler question. What would be a music app that would make you want an iPad Pro? Well, the first potential answer is djay Pro. It’s a new version of a disruptive DJ app, for starters – that will be of interest to anyone with an iPad. But it also includes a design that’s tailored to the new powers Apple has added to the iPad Pro. And whether you want either Apple’s tablet or …


Watch Powell’s genius, glitching music video made from email

If you’ve never heard of UK producer Powell, it’s maybe even more important that you watch this video now. There’s a lot I want to say, but I’d give away the ending. Let’s keep it to this: an adventurous electronic producer, making a raucously stuttering, intense, punk-digital record, talked to his rock idol Steve Albini. And something happened. What happened on email turned into a music video by director Guy Featherstone, and the results are pure poetry. Very large epilepsy warning: this video strobes sickeningly. But, if like us, you rather like that sort of thing, you may … enjoy …


Making a light sculpture a musical instrument, played with Animoog on iPad

Light organs have been in use for generations. But this is the first generation that has grown up in a world of image and sound in which expression across electronic media might seem simply second nature. And oddly, as screens have become more ubiquitous, so, too, has thinking beyond them. What we see here, then, isn’t a projection. It isn’t a display. It’s a big bundle of lightbulbs, making rhythmic poetry in off and on once connected to a jumble of wires. Play the Moog app Animoog on an iPad, and that mountain of electronic junk winks back at you …


This 3D Oscilloscope Drawing Music Might Make Your Brain Fall Out

You’ve seen oscilloscopes. You’ve heard sounds. You’ve seen oscilloscopes make visual representations of those sounds. You’ve maybe seen oscilloscopes used to make drawings while making sounds. And of course you’ve seen 3D models. But you probably haven’t seen oscilloscopes used to draw 3D models that make sounds while the sounds match the oscilloscopes in a 3D sound visual extravaganza … which then becomes an entire album with software that goes with the album so you can also use the oscilloscopes to draw 3D models to make sounds. Say what? Okay, let’s put it another way. Imagine an Etch-a-Sketch and a …


unrender: Finding Space Between Gallery and Club [Videos]

There is a well-known divide between visuals as they exist in experimental media and live performance and media in the art world. Transitory electronic media fails to fit the traditional mold of value. Digital media is too ephemeral, too temporary. Light on walls can’t be collected; improvised visual performance is something that fades away. With unrender, we want to embrace just those gaps between worlds, walking along the fractures. We are looking to find the expressive potential of electronic audiovisual media as distinct from what came before. And most importantly, we want to make sure there’s space for all these …


Electric Psychedelic: Dengue Dengue Dengue Talk Peru, Cumbia, Playing Live, Visuals

From the early days of techno and electro, dance rhythms in electronic music have been woven together from international sources. The machinery of the groove has evolved from the threads contributed by a global tribe, absorbing sounds and forms, driven by the energies they find on the dance floor. That image of solitary music making is a myth – what you’re hearing is a sound made by connections between people, across the normal constraints of geography. And now, the technologies developed in Berlin and elsewhere take on new life in the hands of a new generation of musicians, and their …


Create Digital Motion Domain Screwup; Fix Coming – Stay Tuned Here

Image: Nima Badiey. If you are unable to read CDMotion, you’re not alone.’s domain was not properly renewed by our previous registrar, 1&1, because of a foul-up with closing out an account with them for hosting. (Early in CDM’s history, the site – small at the time – was hosted by 1&1.) I’ve verified with 1&1 that this domain isn’t getting sold to anyone or anything like that — it’s in the ICANN’s redemption period, so I’m working on getting it back. It’s an embarrassing situation, and my apologies to readers. All the rest of CDM’s domains are happy …


Sufjan Stevens’ Visualist: A Conversation About Live Visuals for Music

UFO, Black Hawk War from CandyStations on Vimeo. Jaymis Loveday sits down with Deborah Johnson for Create Digital Motion in a conversation about live visuals for music. Deborah (right), aka CandyStation, is touring with Sufjan Stevens, another of our favorite musicians. (If I could come up with more excuses to bring him into a "digital music" blog, I would.) It really is a conversation, as Jaymis has plenty of thoughts himself, having toured with Australian Idol Bobby Flynn (and I think the two are kindred in aesthetic). See Deborah’s visuals above, and check out the full interview on CDMotion: Interview: …


SxSW: Music Goes Interactive – Laptop Battle and CDM Music and Motion in Austin

proem headlines the CDM party Monday night, with myself and Lila’s Medicine, backed by Jay Smith and friends’ best visualists in Texas (brought to you by Livid Instruments). Photo (from the Decibel Festival, not in Austin): pinkpucca. Texas, here we come. Before the armies of bands hit Austin for South by Southwest, we’ve got some events going during SxSW Interactive — the “spring break for Web geeks” festival of online tech. Laptopists battle it out Saturday night 3/8: The Digital Showcase at the Austin Museum of Art is holding a Laptop Battle for Texan laptop artists. I’ll be judging, along …


Visualism at South by Southwest, Plus a Vintage Viditar Video

If you’re in Austin for South by Southwest Interactive, you’ll want to duck out of the parade of open bars Web companies are offering and check out some of the live music and visualism happening. Saturday night, I’m judging a laptop battle as CDMotion contributor Dan Winckler is the evening’s VJ. Monday, as proem, Lila’s Medicine, and I play music, we’ll have a live visual lineup courtesy Jay Smith of Livid Instruments. AMODA Showcase + Laptop Battle [AMODA] = $4-7, or free with SxSWi badge CDM Music + Motion Party [; also on Facebook] = Free, no badge needed SxSW …