Free Generative MIDI with Cellular Automata, Built in AIR

Cellular AutoMidi is a generative music making app, making use of a modified version of the ever-popular Cellular Automata algorithm – a simple evolutionary model on a grid that works nicely for sequencers. (See, among many others, Lazyfish’s legendary NEWSCHOOL for Reaktor, and Audio Damage’s Automaton.) Cellular Automata is nothing new, but here, you get […]

glitch-sequencer: Free, Processing-Based App from GlitchDS Creator Hearts Netbooks

For those of you longing to mutate beats like so many promiscuous Petri Disk bacteria, programmer Bret Truchan is a kindred spirit. Bret has created a series of instant experimental classics for the Nintendo DS: glitchDS, a cellular automaton music sequencer, repeaterDS, a visual sample mangler, and cellDS, a grid-based sequencer you can script in […]

Help! I’m Trapped in an Acid-Colored Wash of a Thousand General MIDI Pianos!

Better support for music and audio is still evolving (as well as lots of stability and compatibility improvements), but I have faith open-source coding tool Processing [site | on cdmu | on cdmo ] could yield wonderful new visual interfaces for music. Daniel Piker has the latest addition, inspired by a recent post here: FizzyNumberMusicMaker […]

Sonic Life, Organic Game of Life Sequencer, Hits iPhone and iPod

The fever for creating pulsing, organic sequencers from the cellular automaton Game of Life continues. Now, you can get your Game of Life on with the iPhone and iPod touch, transmitting event control via OpenSoundControl. (Despite publishing this on the music site, this could be great as an additional modulator for live visuals with OSC-supporting […]

Build Your Own Game of Life Sequencer in Processing: Video Featuring rwmidi

Game Of Life Sequencer in Processing from wesen on Vimeo. Coding-for-artists tool Processing is already popular for visuals, but MIDI and sound have been a serious blind spot. Speaking of our friend Wesen of Ruin & Wesen, he has solved that with a new library called rwmidi, which makes MIDI programming far easier and more […]

Audio Damage Automaton is Here: Artificial Life-Driven, Stuttering Effects Plug-in

What’s in for this season in music software? Cellular automata. You may have been exposed to a cellular automaton in the classic Game of Life; it’s basically a very simple biological simulator exposed as an intuitive, 2-dimensional grid of squares. If tic-tac-toe, Charles Darwin, and a petri dish of bacteria got together in one wild […]

Circuit-Bent Cellular Automata Video Synth Toy with Patch Bay

You may have seen the Video Critter video synth hardware kit generating visuals using cellular automata algorithms. (Think cell-based models a la the Game of Life.) But you haven’t seen it quite like this. Univac has combined the Critter kit with a VTECH LessonOne educational toy (boring toy, beautiful case), quite a lot of circuit […]