ChordBud has got all the tools you’ll need for making interesting progressions

ChordBud has a wide range of tools for making music. You can use scales with their harmonic fields, options to choose triads, 7ths, and extended chords

ChordFlow 2.1 brings Melody Tracks and much more

ChordFlow 2.1 brings a new ‘Melody Tracks’ feature which allows users to create whole songs and tracks with the app, plus there’s much more too

Ashley Elsdon - December 17, 2017

Maschine 2.2 Proves Playability Matters: Scales, Chords, Arp for Your Pads

There are plenty of things computer drum machines / groove workstations can do to show off. There are plenty of long feature lists they might add. But actually coming up with something you can play? That’s what can really make music better in the studio and live. And that’s why Maschine 2.2 is a welcome […]

- November 25, 2014

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