Percussa micro super signal processor

Elektrofon’s Klang is the gorgeous chord module that looks like the future

Sometimes, tech looks stylish in the way you’d expect it to look on the deck of a starcraft. So if Eurorack makes you think “old-fashioned,” meet the Klang, a chord creation module from Norway.

ChordBud has got all the tools you’ll need for making interesting progressions

ChordBud has a wide range of tools for making music. You can use scales with their harmonic fields, options to choose triads, 7ths, and extended chords

Ashley Elsdon - December 24, 2017

ChordFlow 2.1 brings Melody Tracks and much more

ChordFlow 2.1 brings a new ‘Melody Tracks’ feature which allows users to create whole songs and tracks with the app, plus there’s much more too

Ashley Elsdon - December 17, 2017

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