Original Chris Cunningham, Jess Scott Hunter Music Video Masterpieces in Autechre Box Set

On Create Digital Music today, I note the availability of Warp’s 1991-2002 collection of Autechre EPs. With prices at US$30-50, every single version – even the MP3-only download of the set – also comes with music videos. That elevated the release to must-buy for Motion readers, too, because it includes three landmarks of music video history, including Alexander Rutterford’s often-copied, never-equaled magic for Gantz_Graf: Second Bad Vilbel (Chris Cunningham) Gantz_Graf (Alexander Rutterford) Basscadet (Jess Scott Hunter) These videos are meant to be enjoyed in their original version. But, hey, if you’re going to screw up the fidelity, you’d better really …


Autechre Set, 1991-2002, With Videos, With or Without the Actual Box

Rob Brown and Sean Booth, aka Autechre, remain one of the most forward-thinking acts in electronic music; going back to their work from a decade or two ago feels less like history and more like futuristic artifact, a musical seed from space unearthed in a cornfield somewhere and about to rip your throat (or ears) out. Warp Records’ Bleep service doing the hard work for you and collecting all their EPs? That’s very good news. EPs 1991-2002 promises to be what a box set should be: all substance, no nonsense, and with 47 tracks, many of them rare and out …