Now you can sync up live visuals with Ableton Link

Ableton Link has already proven itself as a way of syncing up Ableton Live, mobile apps (iOS), and various desktop apps (Reason, Traktor, Maschine, and more), in various combinations. Now, we’re seeing support for live visuals and VJing, too. Three major Mac apps have added native Ableton Link support for jamming in the last couple […]

Vezer, Envelope and Time Tool, Adds Elegant Music, Audio, Sync Connections

MIDI Clock Sync Vezér to Ableton Live from luma beamerz on Vimeo. Vezér is not a tool for making visuals on its own, but instead uses powerful envelope tools to let you shape ideas in time. And being as it is focused on time, more connections to sync and audio were understandably a big feature […]

Automated Time: Vezer Meets CoGe in Dynamic Visual Composition [Reader Video Demo]

Vezer vs CoGe circuit bended MIDI from vargasz abolcs on Vimeo. Last week, we saw Vezér, an application for visual control with an elegant timeline interface. We asked what you were doing it – and here’s one example. Creator Vargasz Abolcs calls it “MIDI circuit bending.” The notion: use control messages to make visual events […]

Vezér Lets You Control Anything with Timelines – Without Being Overly Hard to Use [Mac]

Take your visual app. Take a parameter. Now control it with timelines and automation – anything, anywhere. The appeal is clear for visualists, particularly with built-in options sometimes limited. Now, sequencing control – clocked to MIDI – can take on powerful new dimensions. Vezér isn’t the first app to go this direction, by any means. […]

CoGe Roundup: New Features, Tutorials, Artist Work in Semi-Modular VJ Mac App

In the world of VJ apps, CoGe is an intriguing upstart – a semi-modular design, built around integrating Quartz Composer patches, lets you create customized VJ rigs on the Mac. Hungary has produced both the app and a passionate community of users. It’s time to catch up with this app, including a round of new […]

CoGe 1.0 Mac VJ Software Hits Prime Time; Extensive Syphon, Quartz Composer Support

CoGe is an upstart VJ app on the Mac, built on the foundations of Quartz Composer as a standalone VJ app. It’s been winning over some converts already – as indicated in our recent survey. But here’s the big release: version 1.0, a ground-up rewrite, which in turn debuts the app as a commercial tool. […]

CoGe, Quartz Composer Modular: New Beta, How to Use It for Visuals

CoGe 1.0 – Tutorial 2 – Using the preview window to forward key/mouse events from luma beamerz on Vimeo. CoGe, the semi-modular, Quartz Composer-powered, free visualist tool for Mac has gotten a significant new beta build. Added in this version: MSAA anti-aliasing for rendering (very nice). OpenSoundControl support (OSC is natively supported in QC, but […]

CoGe 1.0 Beta 2, Open Source Quartz Composer Modular Visual App

CoGe 1.0 Beta 2 Teaser and interactive Quad Warp demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo. CoGe 1.0 is now in its second public beta, bringing this modular, Quartz-Composer-based visualist app to Mac users. 1.0 introduced a new rendering pipeline, new user interface, new UI, and richer Quartz Composer support. Every single element of the visual […]