littleBits Synth Kit Will Add USB Audio, CV, and MIDI; See Snap-Together Modular Live in NYC

littleBits has already won over some synth enthusiasts with snap-together modules you can combine via magnets, and a collaboration with KORG. But until now, the open source gizmos have been largely a world unto themselves. You could route audio in and out, but that’s it; any expansion was dependent on buying more littleBits modules. Over the course of this year, that will change. Already, there’s a US$36 Arduino module, opening up custom-coded functionality and computer connectivity. And by the end of the year, littleBits will add three modules that make the Synth Kit into more of a synth (or controller, …


What Great Concert Visuals Did You See in 2008?

Accent Feed of San Diego has a fantastic list of the 10 Most Innovative Concert Visuals ’08. Now, I’m not normally a big fan of top ten lists, but in this case I couldn’t agree more with Migeux. And likewise, with the likes of United Visual Artists’ project for Massive Attack and the incredible Nine Inch Nails tour, atop projects like my personal fave Cornelius, we’ve had some truly wonderful concert visuals lately. Check out the list, but any you’d want to add?


Awesomeness of Daft Punk: A Meta-Roundup

Photo: André Felipe, capturing Daft Punk in Tronworld São Paulo. Daft Punk is on a mind-blowingly cool tour. Aside from, you know, being Daft Punk, they’ve assembled dazzling futuristic visuals, slick leather jumpsuits, and sophisticated, animated LED helmets. What? You want to tour with LED helmets, too? It’s easy, outlined in a PDF by the creators. I can make the steps even more brief: 1. Cast your face and make a bust of the face and clay models of all the parts. 2. Modify a motorcycle helmet for the electronics. 3. Design your own LED display and controller board. 4. …