DU-NTSC is a modular visualizer, AV toy, and video generator

From hyper-nerdy label Detroit Underground comes a new tool that both visualizes signals and acts as a modular visual instrument – a new way of looking at what you’re doing in modular sound, and an object for visual creation.

Transmissions from the magnetic ooze, in new oqko video premiere

Let’s take an unsettling journey into some black goo. No, trust me – it’s going to be a good time. “Hysteresis” is the new underground audiovisual release from the anonymous duo “-N.” The only way to get the music release is on cassette tape. There was never even a digital master made; they went straight […]

Peter Kirn - December 1, 2016

Music Video: Emptyset ‘Fragment’ Continues to Fuse Image, Sound [Raster-Noton]

Emptyset: Fragment from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo. Through a thick layer of electronic grunge, “Fragment,” a track from the forthcoming Emptyset album on Raster-Noton, is transformed into hard-edged analog geometries. This is analog generation from some post-apocalyptic civilization, it seems: aggressive, percussive glyphs. The machines seem … angry. But it’s also the latest example […]

Peter Kirn - October 18, 2013

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