Terrific Tablet Wireframes in Adobe Proto, as Adobe Touch Picture Comes Together on iOS, Android

Wireframe tools are all the rage, but you have to take particular note of the design work done by Adobe Proto – partly because they’re an industry heavyweight, but also because the app itself is generally cool. (Why Adobe then insists on dry presentations of cool apps, I have no idea. Anyone want to do […]

Music Band, Animated: Wondrous Projection Mapping Makes Instruments Canvas

Beyond the immediate, and fleeting, novelty of seeing images fitted perfectly to three-dimensional objects, you need something to actually watch. Here, new work from Melbourne-based artist Chris Staring is splendidly fanciful: a band of assembled musical instruments is immersed in animation, a bit like walking into Toontown in Roger Rabbit. In fact, speaking of Disney, […]

Peter Kirn - September 6, 2011

Physics Animation, Ping Pong Game in Adobe Illustrator – No, Really, Thanks to Free JavaScript Library

Generative physics animations in Illustrator most certainly fall into the “because it’s there” / “for no very good reason other than it’s possible” category. But the results are hilariously awesome. See above, Adobe fans. The tool behind this is very cool, too. Processing lovers who don’t already know the insanely great toxiclibs library – and […]

Peter Kirn - August 22, 2011

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