Wear Your Visuals: Aurora Dress Sparkles with Swarovski, LEDs

If you were lucky enough to gaze into the northern skies above Earth last week, you might have seen a spectacular light show, as a solar storm bombarded the planet’s atmosphere and lit up the Aurora Borealis. A humble digital reflection of that phenomenon, the Aurora Dress brings sparkling, colored effects in LEDs to something one person can wear. And as live and interactive visuals explore worlds beyond rectangles with techniques like projection mapping, here you glimpse a future in which you can don your electronic imagery as fashion. The work of London-based wearable tech experts CuteCircuit, the Aurora Dress …


Wearables: CuteCircuit Turns Katy Perry into Interactive Digital Scenography; Fashion Visualists

Making Katy Perry extraterrestrial, the work of CuteCircuit. Photo by KatyPix.com Digital visual effects need not be limited to projection. CuteCircuit have been one of a select handful of designers pushing the envelope with wearables. Here, Katy Perry becomes their celebrity canvas, in what I expect will be one of the only-ever appearances of American Idol on CDM. The actual costume design, though, is fantastic. Thousands of interactive LEDs are a digital mirror to the countless sparkling Swarovski crystals that festoon the garment, with UK-based sculptor Yasemen Hussein adding her striking Baroque extraterrestrial forms. (She’s not a digital artist, but …


The Wearable Screen: A Dress Made from LEDs, by CuteCircuit

Ah, clothes. You’re so warm, so good at preventing us from being naked and sunburnt. But you know what the passionate visualist really wants from clothes: we want a display. The GalaxyDress is the latest creation of the fashionista-scientists of CuteCircuit, the smart-wearable design collective founded by Ivrea-trained designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. The design breakthrough, naturally, comes from the LEDs, which are tiny, thin, and most important for applying them to fashion, flat. The dress has also found its way into one of my all-time favorite museums. The Galaxy Dress is the center piece of the "Fast Forward: …