Loop points, at last. Side-by-side editing on iPad, too. Photos courtesy NI.

$5 iMaschine App Grows Up, with iPad Support, New Features – And Entertains Amazing Kids

iMaschine was always an intriguing drum machine, with uncommonly-simple on-the-go audio sampling and a workflow that lets you bring drumkits back into Maschine on desktop. But it was hampered by limitations: you couldn’t set loop points properly, and there was no version for the iPad. iMaschine 1.1 doesn’t give you everything you’d ever want, but it gives you enough in a free update (or US$4.99 new) that it could practically be called iMaschine 2.0. New in this release: Native iPad support, with a generous layout that takes advantage of the added space by putting editing and performing on the same …


Dance Technology: Proximity, with VDMX, Quartz Composer, OpenFrameworks, Syphon

With new hybrid performance comes new hybrid tools, as artists can work with an arsenal of evolving, often open, creative visual software. In a new performance for Australian Dance Theater, multiple tools merge to produce an array of visual features to accompany the choreography. Some of the glue is Syphon, the open source framework for sharing textures on the Mac, so it’s fitting this news comes our way from Syphon co-creator Tom Butterworth. Tom writes: I’ve just been doing some coding work for something I thought might make a good CDM story. It’s a new performance by Australian Dance Theatre, …


Beams of Light Meet Bodies, in Kinect-Powered Dance and Audiovisual Work

Working in 3D light projection, Dieter Vandoren has created a project that makes visual shapes and sounds from particles. Bodies interrupt beams of light, fused with audio and image via Kinect-powered tracking. First presented in Rotterdam at the Open Dans festival in June, the work draws inspiration from David Rokeby’s “Very Nervous System” computer vision, Michel Waisvisz’s “The Hands” piece, and principally on the audiovisual Polytopes and granular synthesis techniques of Iannis Xenakis. The goal, says its maker: a “spatial hyperinstrument.” (Hey, you know you’ve always wanted one of those, right?) Integration.03 at Open Dans festival 2011 from Dieter Vandoren …


Human Bodies the Subject of Percussive Video Composition, in New Dance Video

Call it full-body percussion. Kasumi’s “soundboard” short film centers on sliced footage of dancers, composed into an audiovisual rhythm. It’s brief but nicely focused. I can almost feel the weight of the movement. More notes from the work’s creator: This piece is as much about the sound as is it the image. Using only the percussive sounds of the dancers’ bodies hitting the floor and each other, I created the audio mix by layering the un-effected sounds in Ableton Live, while simultaneously cutting up the video. I am immensely grateful to Didier Feldmann, whose brilliant color-grading raised the aesthetic level …