New Leaves: A Mix of 2013 Artists and Music to Inspire Your 2014

Ed.: If you, like those of us at CDM, find yourself again at the precipice of new musical possibilities, now is a wonderful time to get you bearings. It means as producers and music lovers that we try to find sounds not just to imitate or accept passively, but that can push us further. In German, there’s a wonderful New Year’s greeting that has no direct translation – “Guten Rutsch!” means literally a good “slide” into the new year. Matt Earp aka Kid Kameleon helps us navigate that slide, from the old to the new, that’s at the heart of …


Slow Down: Two Beautiful, Watery Meditations, One Shot on iPad [Videos]

Nothingness / Six by Anders Weberg (filmed with the iPad) from Anders Weberg on Vimeo. The first is silent; the other, a music video. But in slow-moving meditations, two films inspire you in watery terms to really stop and look. At top, Swedish-based artist Anders is armed with nothing more than an iPad 2, a reminder that imagination trumps tools, and seizing opportunities is the best way to make work. Details: Nothingness episode Six, By Anders Weberg. Filmed with the iPad 2. 2012/09/01 Next up, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Alice Millar composes the perfect, murky textural etude …