Cheap Tape Saturation Hack: Delicious Distortion with a Tape-to-CD Adapter

What a lovely coincidence that tape, originally a recording medium, works beautifully for distortion and saturation. Whatever the reason, tape saturation is a popular effect. If you want subtle, pristine saturation, there are various meticulous models of high-quality studio equipment. That was one topic in our interview earlier this week with Universal Audio’s Dr. David […]

Optical Flow for vvvv, HLSL (DirectX)

Closing out our (unexpected) Week of Optical Flow feature, Michel from the vvvv forums has ported Andrew Benson’s optical flow implementation to that DirectX-based, Windows-only, free for non-commercial-use patching environment. (Jitter and Quartz Composer, mentioned earlier, each use OpenGL, not DirectX.) Since it is DirectX, the shader uses HLSL instead of GLSL. In technical terms, […]

Liquidify Video, Live: Optical Flow GLSL Datamosh Technique

motion distortion 2 from andrew benson on Vimeo. Datamosh? (The “forbidden” but harmlessly meaningless word?) Video squishification? Mushy data? Call it what you will, but applying real-time distortion and displacement to video so that video textures become flowing layers of pixels looks absolutely beautiful. Andrew Benson of Cycling ‘74 has only just begun playing with […]

Adobe Rants Produces Unexpected Glitch Art

While we’re on the subject of User Interface… Adobe, as makers of the dominant creative software that powers the planet, are certainly due some criticism. But beware the wrath of the angry user. Via lili katschen on Twitter, I see the Intersphere has its own forums for endless Adobe gripes. Now, don’t get me wrong: […]

Sega Master System, NES as Audio Effect; Videos Coming from Blip Fest

8-bit audiovisual party Blip Fest started last night here in New York, so it’s only natural we celebrate game systems used for music through the weekend in its honor. (Reminder: come meet up with me and Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson tonight, 6-8p, if you’re going to Blip. Facebook event / CDM post) Sega Master Bitcrunch […]