Com Truise, Set to DOS Nostalgia, Turned into Music Video Gold

The pace of technology has made past and future fold in on themselves, to the point where old things can look futuristic, what was once techno-shock can become nostalgic warmth, and the future can look dated. Our own Matt Earp waxed poetic on music’s take on these aesthetics by connecting them to worn VHS tapes. […]

There Will Never Be Another Music Production Platform. Ever.

Supposedly this computer and the idea of a QWERTY keyboard are dead, but you may have to pry them each out of someone’s cold, dead fingers in order to get them back. Photo (CC-BY) Tobias Carlsson. The question of whether there will ever be any music apps for any non-iOS mobile platform is apparently bothering […]

- March 3, 2011

Drag Windows into GNU-Land with MinGW, Let Free Visualist Tools Roam

Behold, the power of GNU! Photo (CC-BY-SA Demet. I love Windows. And by “love,” of course, I mean “tolerate grudgingly.” After all, good as Mac OS X is, running Windows means the ability to get the latest-and-greatest graphics drivers, run-on-anything hardware capabilities, promising new multitouch laptops, terrific gaming, wonderful visual tools like vvvv, quick-and-dirty video […]

Peter Kirn - January 22, 2010

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