Digital SLR Music Video: Westernsynthetics – The Machine

The age of the Digital SLR is well upon us. With a wide variety of backs and formats, and plenty of video-capable units available under the mythical $1000 price point, the line between High-End Photography and the Rest Of Us is becoming terminally (lens-)blurry. That’s not to say that any muggle can go out with […]

AV Inspiration + Interview: CSTNG-SHDWS & Nonagon Live Promo

A beautifully assembled live promo for visualists CSTNG-SHDWS collaborating with Nonagon. CSTNG-SHDWS x Nonagon Live Video/Audio from Colin Sebestyen on Vimeo. I found this totally spellbinding, so I asked Colin Sebestyen of CSTNG-SHDWS for some more detail about the project, and he replied with some great information on preparing visuals, performing live with sound-makers, cutting […]

Projection Mapping at The Edge Launch: Kyle McLean Augmenting Public Art

It’s been six weeks since The Edge launch. People are starting to discover the building and its lab of free-access, kitted out computers. We had an iteration of Plug N Play Brisbane , and a bunch of great events and workshops passed & future. The one thing The Edge doesn’t have so far is people […]

SLR Live: Canon 5D MKII On Tour with Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails have been on tour around Australia with the Soundwave festival, and their artistic director Rob Sheridan has been along for the ride, and took his Canon 5D MKII on stage at various venues. Full HD Version from Nine Inch Nails. Screw resolution charts and slow focus pulls on flora, this is how […]

More Pro Video Coming to Consumers: Canon and Nikon Digital SLRs Shoot HD

Low depth of field, high frame rate, high resolution. These are the technical hurdles which have traditionally separated consumers from creating film-quality video. HD video has been within consumer reach for quite a while now. 2008 has already seen high frame rates fall to Casio, and in the last couple of weeks, both Canon and […]