Elastic FX goes universal, adds new FX options and more

Elastic FX for iOS has gone universal so it works fine on your iPhone and iPad now. What’s more the app has added new FX options including tremolo, vibrato and a new distortion effect called ‘CHUNK’

Elastic FX lets you route and morph 32 effects on iOS, for $7

It looks a bit like what would happen if an iPad, a KAOSS Pad, and a plug-in folder had a love child. It’s the new iOS app from the makers of Elastic Drums.

Peter Kirn - December 14, 2017

A small update to Elastic Drums is really just an excuse to show you these

If you don’t know Elastic Drums then now is the time to take a look at a couple of very cool videos that show it at it’s best

Ashley Elsdon - October 24, 2017

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