A bit of what you should know about event power and electrical safety

Ted Pallas contacted us and wanted to create a short primer on power, in response to the terrible fire at Ghost Ship in Oakland, CA. Any fire anywhere is a reminder that knowledge of electricity, how it works and how it impacts safety, is essential to any of us organizing or playing electronic music live. This won’t provide everything you need to know, by a longshot, but it’s a good step toward knowing a bit more, and I hope we continue taking those steps together in future. The rub of electronic music and visual media is that both performance and …


Singing Tesla Coil Super Mario Music

Electronic music? Meh. Electrical music? Now you’re talking. And you’re unlikely to top a giant Tesla coil. In other news: the theme from Super Mario Bros. is the new “Stairway to Heaven.” Featured on the MAKE:blog and sent in by several readers — thanks!