Impossible Architectures, in Real-Time Music Visualizations by Abstract Birds (vvvv)

The ultimate compliment to a visualization of music would be giving the unseen structure, changing the perception of the music not only by granting it visual embellishment, but producing a new experience of the composition that fuses sight and hearing. Abstract Birds, working with French new media organization Arcadi, legendary Paris digital research center IRCAM, and Paris’ talented Ensemble Intercontemporain, realized visuals for a challenging work by Russian composer Dmitri Kourliandski. Kourliandski’s score is primarily timbral, with a densely-clamorous first movement and quiet, percussive second movement. The challenge for Abstract Birds was providing a visualization that brought out the syntax …


Image to Sound with Quartz Composer; Mapping Goodness; Euphorie Live Act Review on CDMusic

The crew at French-native collective 1024 Architecture are giving us plenty to write about. Working to hone their chops in mapping, generative projection, and audiovisual performance, these artists embody the Renaissance in these fields. First, they point earlier this spring to a brilliant Quartz Composer plug-in that intelligently maps sound to generative visuals, the work of Japanese-based artist onom – see video at top; via 1024 blog. From top: 1024 give a building face a face; a screenshot reveals their insane setup, coupling MadMapper, Modul8, Quartz Composer, and Ableton Live for audiovisual goodness on the Mac. Also, you can track …


With Neon Guitars and Immersive Projection, 1024 Architecture Become Audiovisual Rock Band

Euphorie live at the Elektra Festival. Photo courtesy Elektra. When a brainy, abstract audiovisual act can elicit some laughs and cheers, you know something is going right. Euphorie, the live music and projection act by Fran├žois Wunschel, Fernando Favier, and stage designer Pier Schneider of the collectives 1024 Architecture and EXYZT, isn’t brand new. But in the cavernous, packed Usine C at Montreal’s Elektra Festival earlier this month, it surely shone. Inside that booming rehabilitated factory, sound and video elements seemed to just click, the happy result of months of development, practice, and iteration meeting a highly appreciative crowd. Projectors …


Partitura: Spectacular Real-time Visualization of Music, and Thinking in 1D

I believe that when we hear music, we employ visual centers in our brain in the way in which we experience its sensations and understand its patterns. But actually visualizing music and sound on the computer is a wonderfully impossible project, fraught with challenge. Somewhere in the struggle to do so, terrific things can happen. And the work of the Abstract Birds collective and Quayola is some of the nicest work I’ve seen yet. The thing with feathers: Partita variations, demonstrating the flexibility of the system to take on differing visual looks – essential to its use as a performance …