Upgradeable, yes. But the cost of the machine itself is very high - and GPU and CPU upgrade options often aren't the best buys for a Mac tower, either. Photo (CC-BY) Glenn Batuyong.

As Mac Pro Debates Rage On, Time for Some Reality Checks

For all this debate over the new Mac Pro, you really need to know only two things: 1. The current Mac Pro is not a good value at the moment. 2. We have no idea how much the new Mac Pro will cost. And so, everything else (minis, iMacs, MacBooks, and yes, even PCs) rule the roost. That’s good for music, because (as a couple of commenters observed), they’re all working just fine. The Mac Pro I thought was newsworthy last week in that it demonstrated that more internal horsepower is coming to high-end desktops, and that those machines can …