Mind-Boggling Power, as note~ Adds Timelines, Piano Roll, Notation to Max/MSP

Introduction to note~ for Max from Musikforschung Basel on Vimeo. For musicians, this could be the Max external to end all Max externals. Max has long been a powerful, open-ended environment for creation. But sometimes you want a piano roll, or a score, or a timeline. Efforts to do that in the past have been sketchy at best. note~ gives you all these things in a single add-on. At its heart, it’s a classic MIDI sequencer. It records and plays back sequence, and lets you edit note values. That’s already fairly revolutionary to have in the Max environment. But then …


Augmented Reality, Inside Jitter

Hey, Jitter fans: jit.artkmulti is an external for Max/MSP and Jitter that brings the powerful, marker-based augmented reality capabilities of ARToolKit to Max. We’ve seen a lapse in interest in marker-based tracking, I think, with the advent of technologies like Kinect, but it’s still useful for certain applications – and this makes it really easy to play around with if you’re a Jitter maven. This appears to be early in development – see the caveats in “known issues”: Hard coded for 640 x 480 : other dims don’t work, changing dims causes crash. Only one jit.artkmulti object at a time, …


elastic~: Pitch, Speed Control Module for Your Max 5 Patch

If you’re looking for pitch- and speed-independent warping and other sonic effects, and Max 5 is your modular patching tool of choice, a new tool is now available to add to your arsenal. elastic~ is an object similar that allows high-quality audio warping. The developer claims it uses the “same algorhythm as software giants Cubase, Ableton Live, and Kontakt.” I’m personally still quite happy with granular tools in software like Reaktor — and have recently gotten interested in exploring implementations in the free and open source SuperCollider, but of course there are great advantages to working in Max, and the …