Bach Played on Tubes Will Remind You That Acoustic is Fun

I must admit to knowing neither the term tubes musicaux, nor “boomwhackers.” We’re on the eve of the Musikmesse trade show, which for music technology sites means time spent largely in Hall 5.1 – the bit dedicated to electronic stuff and “DJs.” But that’s no reason to ignore the possibilities afforded by acoustic sound. So long as people are being inventive with materials, that end of the spectrum (so to speak) will remain compelling. And the “Boomwhacker” is a great example. As Wikipedia kindly fills me in, “Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical …


Play a Great-Sounding Theremin in Your Web Browser: Distraction of the Day

If you want an explanation for why you’d want to build sophisticated audio into the Web, maybe it’s just because you don’t like fun. Fun is what you get out of this Web Audio Theremin toy, the work of one Luke Phillips of Femur Design. The web audio theremin is a touch friendly & responsive audio synthesizer built in javascript using the Web Audio API with HTML5 canvas. As the user interacts with the screen synthesized sounds are generated in the style of a moog theremin and the canvas displays a visual representation of the audio. “Theremin” is a loose …


Happy Halloween, From Bleepy Monster Electronics Everywhere [Time Warp Gallery]

Let’s do the Time Warp again. As far as synthesizers making spooky sounds are concerned, I’m pleased to party every day like it’s Halloween. (After all, what is the point of music electronics if not to scare small children, animals, and… adults?) But I want to take us back to 2007, when our friends at Bleep Labs produced this great series of limited-edition Halloween mods to their fantastic Thingamagoop. It’s an excuse to just point you to Bleep Labs’ site – they remain one of the world’s great vendors for genuinely-fun sonic electronics for everyone. They’re gadgets you can use …


Jaymis at The Edge: Webcast Live Today with Dot.AY, DZ, Simulcast

I’ve been reasonably quiet of late, and for that I apologize. I hope, though, that when you hear the reason, you’ll find it in the cold technological cores of your beings to forgive me. My government has seen fit to create an enormously amazing resource and incubator for technological artists. It’s called The Edge, and it’s located at the State Library of Queensland. I’ve recently taken a job at The Edge as a Catalyst, which means that I’m now getting paid by the government to blog, produce, create, hack, educate and do all of the things that we love on …


Create Digital Snow: Happy Winterdays, with Flash

Joshue Ott, creator of the gorgeous abstract performance tool superDraw (built in Java and Processing) has a seasonal toy for your playing enjoyment, built in Flash. SnowDraw is a fun little falling snowflake toy which can create messages like the one I spoiled above. It’s naturally far more fun in motion, so go give it a play: You can create your own drawings and share them, too. A Processing port should be possible; I know Josh is thinking about it. Lots of good people get mentioned in the credits: programming/design/concept by Joshue Ott php/serverside code by Sean Smith special …