Vuo in Beta: A New Hope for Visual Development? [Resources]

So, without a line of code, you want to make something new, visually. You’ve got Max, you’ve got Pd, you’ve got vvvv. But for quickly cooking up generative visuals, dynamic interaction, live animation, and more from a clean slate, the other option had been Apple’s Quartz Composer, a tool that has lost a lot of […]

Add Gestures to Visuals, Fast: Leap Motion Meets Vuo

Making interactive Leap Motion compositions with Vuo from Vuo on Vimeo. Leap Motion has been touting the possibilities of making things happen with the wave of a hand. But that gesture only becomes meaningful when something happens. Imagine if that “something” could be anything you wanted. For that, you need an open-ended interactive environment. Enter […]

Peter Kirn - November 5, 2013

With Pop-Up Store, Party, and … Rectangles, vvvv Celebrates 10 Years of Visual Power [Gallery]

It’s hard to believe – especially as the software remains at the bleeding edge of what you can accomplish with a GPU – but visual programming environment vvvv is now one decade old. It’s one of a handful of tools that has powered the most eye-popping projects of those years, and so it’s little surprise […]

Peter Kirn - December 19, 2012

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