A strikingly honest interview about music and happiness

Does great music come from pain, or should happiness and caring for yourself come first? We don’t talk about that a lot in music. Indeed, from music gear news to dance music lifestyle publications, we peddle fantasies of success. We do that even when it’s clear most of our audience – most of us – will never have that sort of success. But even more so, there’s little consideration of whether that actually makes anyone happy. So I find this interview strikingly refreshing and encouraging. It’s from the documentary collective Blitzkickers, who have a knack for going past the usual …


Holiday Cheeriness: A Crazy Interactive Shirt Display

Cheer, indeed. We know how badly many of you want to get out from behind your laptop and out into a venue once in a while. Here’s a solution: wear your display. And it helps if that display has the insane interactive capabilities that this one does. Marco Tempest of writes CDMo: A little X-Mas greeting for all of you! Showing of my Photonic T-Shirt. Wearable visuals. Haha… I’m still working out whether that “haha” is an evil scientist “I’ll take over the world with this” laugh, a laugh at the rest of us that don’t have one of …