Inside The Glitch Mob’s Crazy Rockstar Live Electronic Rig

Press play? More like bang drums hit stuff finger warp touchpad go crazy. The Glitch Mob are one of America’s leading festival electronic acts. (And members like EdiT have IDM, not just EDM, credits to their name – so they were “glitching” before it was cool, in other words.) But while that circuit is in a frenzy of one-upmanship when it comes to spectacle, there’s some real playing behind this act. And that distances them from artists that put on a big show visually but have shied away from anything risky in the set – like actually playing the parts, …


THX Just Remade the Deep Note Sound to be More Awesome

It’s one of the best-known electronic sounds ever – perhaps the best electronic sound branding in history. It made its launch in 1983 – right before Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, no less. But it seems the THX “Deep Note” was due for an upgrade. And that’s what it got last week. THX called upon the original creator of Deep Note, Dr. James ‘Andy’ Moorer, to remake his legendary sound design for modern theater audio technology. Here’s a look at that history and where it’s come.


The Music of 2071, As Imagined in 1964: Fischinger Lumigraph to Lumichord

Finishing research for a talk at Genève’s Mapping Festival, I came across this gem from comments on Create Digital Motion. It’s the innovative Lumigraph, an interactive light experiment by visionary film and animation pioneer Oskar Fischinger. The sci-fi film looked ahead to what the music of 2071 might be like, in 1964’s The Time Travelers. To their credit, goofy love lounge aside, the reuse of Fischinger’s abstract light project isn’t far off from music in 2013. (And, hey, whatever puts you in the mood.) Fischinger, for his part, almost certainly wasn’t thrilled with the use of his creation in this …

Not available in stores: the custom touchscreen solution, running an original sampler, that turns Hans Zimmer's musical ideas into reality. Mark Werry is the person who made it all possible.

Interview: Mark Wherry, Man Behind Hollywood’s Digital Musical Instruments, Hans Zimmer Collaborator

Computer innovator Alan Kay famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Mark Wherry is doing as good a job as anyone of inventing that technology. Powering scores from the latest Batman films to Inception, working closely with Hollywood’s leading meastro Hans Zimmer, the work Wherry is doing really does invent instruments in order to invent sounds. New samplers, new touchscreens, new rigs all have to come together just to keep up with the feverish sound design demands of film and game titles. And with sophisticated surround delivery, at a time when studio veterans complain …


Michael Bay as Generative Art: Explosion Action Painting with oF

In that summer movie mood? Jeremy Rotsztain has been working on a new series of digital art that derives Jackson Pollock-style action paintings from Hollywood action movies. Software processes the video of explosions and other action sequences from classic movies and “paints” them into abstract art, leaving a trace of the action as splattered color on the screen. The process component is a nod to the tradition of Pollock’s own process-based work, but with tongue at least a little in cheek. As Jeremy describes it: Action Painting runs with custom authored software (written in C++ with openFrameworks) that uses computer …


Move Over, Trailers: Addictive TV Remixes Max Payne, Cole Porter, Kristin Scott-Thomas

Think A/V artists, visualists, and VJs can’t get work? Don’t tell that to superstar production team Addictive TV. They’ve been proving that you really don’t need a trailer for a film any more – just hire a VJ. It started when they created a web viral for the movie Take the Lead, and they went on to remix the Olympics Now, the only problem is, I think you might actually need a VJ for the entire film to make a movie based on a computer game that isn’t crap. (Maybe Max Payne will be The One … even if it …