A Massive Bundle of Game Music, the Magical Machinarium Score, and the Quiet Indie Music Revolution

As musical old-timers repeatedly sing the sad song of the supposed demise of the full-length album, a funny thing has happened. Lovers of games have taken up a growing passion for game music, and in particular the indie score for indie games. Independent game publishing and independent music composition – from truly unsigned, unknown artists – go hand in hand. Indeed, the download and purchase charts on Bandcamp are often dominated by game scores. Fueled by word-of-mouth, these go viral in enthusiast communities largely ignored by either music or game reportage. Far from the big-budget blockbuster war game, these scores …


Video Game Artist Mark Essen, Drawing on Retro, Minimal Game Visuals

Paraphrasing Mark Essen in the interview above: “it’s not nostalgia. I just like it.” Video game aesthetics have become a kind of naive, outside art for the digital age. Little wonder: the explosion of consumer digital products in the 80s left the children of that decade and decades after with piles of media. Someone was going to work out how to channel those into art. My sense is what’s likely to happen less is, as the novelty of such art wears off, these styles will simply re-integrate with other cultural content. Just don’t call it 8-bit. For one thing, a …


Cubic Game Visualism: Awesomely-Inspiring Game Trailer from Gamma

4fourths – Game Trailer from Mikengreg on Vimeo. It’s been a long time coming, but there’s real hope that convergence of lovers of independent, creative game design with audiovisualist aficionados could bring us to a new, game-inspired visual age. Of course, a good way to start would be for some game designers to start to kick ass with their games. And that means lame trailers simply aren’t an option. For a demonstration of how it’s done, check out the trailer for 4fourths. This winning entrant to the one-button game challenge help by the Kokoromi Collective could pass for a music …