From Hacked VHS and CCTV Tech, An Installation That Reverses Your Sight

Parallax from Incredible Bob on Vimeo. At its best, art can change a perspective, or change the way you see. In the installation “Parallax” by our friend Incredible Bob, that’s meant literally – very literally. Using hacked viewfinders and analog video tech, the Belgrade-based artist shows the viewer what happens when the perspective of your […]

Cubepix, Kinetic Projection Mapping On A Moving Wall of Cubes [Arduino + OF + Kinect]

Cubepix Demo Test – by Xavi’s Lab from Glassworks Barcelona on Vimeo. The next step in projection mapping: kinetic projection mapping. Moving beyond the sometimes-clinical use of projection mapping to use three-dimensional objects as a surface, the addition of the kinetic makes the surface itself part of the motion. Cubepix is a direct, lovely implementation […]

Like a Wheel Within a Wheel: Beautiful Optical Turntables Generate Spinning Rhythms

Music is deeply tied up with motion; seeing that in a machine is somehow satisfying. Soundmachines, from the enigmatically-titled Berlin studio TheProduct*, is an interactive physical installation made from optical turntables. By moving the “tone arm” – really in this case an optical sensor attached to an extended mount – you can change rhythms and […]

Dot, a Winner-less Video Game, Sports Spare, Lovely Retro Audiovisual Art

At first glance, the visuals seem mysterious and almost intentionally obscure. Then, as you watch the dance of pixellated artwork in “Dot,” you see moments of strange, lonely beauty. Brazilian-based audiovisual artist and regular reader Henrique Roscoe (aka vj 1mpar) writes us to describe his work: This is an audiovisual performance with synchronized sounds and […]

An Interactive Installation Makes Visitors Part of the Show in Mexico

El Criollo – Interactive Installation from Hotpixel on Vimeo. Interactive technology is often celebrated for its ability to make visitors and onlookers into participants. Here, in a show in Mexico, that involvement is literal, as custom software weaves the words and faces of museum visitors into a portrait of the Mexican nation today. From the […]

Dynamic, Projection-Mapped Topographies of Light, with hc gilje

Reasons to be thankful: it seems we’re at the beginning of an explosion of projected digital imagery as medium, with the best yet to come. And some of the most compelling work right now deals with the most elemental qualities of this medium, how light and space interact. Take the work of hc gilje. He […]

A Magical, Audiovisual Augmented Dome

Cúpula sonora / Palacio Salvo from chindogu on Vimeo. Like a digitally deconstructed then reconstructed architectural fragment, VJ Chindogu’s Cúpula Sonora stands as an audiovisual object, with music by David Duchov. I like Chindogu’s term of “ephemeral sculpture” here, as there is a sense of that as the cupola pulses and vibrates. And while I […]

Projection Mapping: Augmented Furniture, Augmented Sculpture in the Round

Augmented Sculpture by GROSSE8 & LICHTFRONT / Passagen 2010 from Lichtfront on Vimeo. Part of the beauty of projection is its ability to mix light and sculpture, so it’s with great pleasure that I come across this fantastic, organic and origami-like work by Cologne-based Grosse8/Lichtfront. The big accomplishment of this work, evident only as you […]

Blink: Medidative Projection Mappings in Audiovisual Install in Norway

blink (hc gilje 2009) from hc gilje on Vimeo. HC Gilje sends a wonderful new installation he has just opened this month in Norway. Here, mapping projections into the space is a kind of improvisation on the architectural volume, a way of playing with the space itself. Even without any particular projection mapping tricks, the […]

Building-Sized Visualism, on 1085 Windows, and More OpenFrameworks in Upcoming Events

lights on from thesystemis on Vimeo. Digital visuals are often confined to a screen or a panel of wall. So there’s something magical about projects that get an entire building as a canvas. “Lights” is a live audiovisual performance for the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria. The facade has some 1085 LED windows, controllable […]